15th November 2018

E. H. Sixtus son fourth best Trakehner

Not only Speedway is the best Trakehner of his vintage. Skyjacker of E.H. Sixtus E.H. Cadeau is the fourth best Trakehner of his vintage. The former stallion candidate was victorious under his rider Sophie Leube in aptitude tests of the class A for riding horses with terrain and placed both in dressage and show jumping tests up to class A **.

Skyjacker is versatile
Photo: Jutta Bauernschmitt

08th November 2018

Great success for Speedway

Our offspring sire Speedway is the most successful Trakehner of his year in the sports year 2018. Under his rider Kim Pfeiffer he was victorious in dressage and riding horse tests up to class A, he was Trakehner riding horse champion and participant of the Bundeschampionate.

25th October 2018

Free-Jumping-Cup in Neumünster

As part of the Trakehner stallion market, a free jumping cup was held again this year. Last year a granddaughter of E.H. Sixtus won. This year, two direct descendants of the Hörstein sire were found in the list of participants. Sixtana of E.H. Sixtus had qualified but was not there. High Destiny by E.H. Sixtus, was qualified and also went to the start. With a score of 8.4 each for manners and fortune she ranked fifth. A mare from Waitaki scored a 8.8 for fortune. Together with the 8.3 for the style Lebensliebe won the second place.

High Destiny by E.H. Sixtus was at the start of the free-jumping-cup.

25th October 2018

Hörsteiner offspring at the Trakehner Hengsmarkt 2018

For this year's Trakehner stallion market many descendants of Hörsteiner stallions had qualified again, for example in the mare collection. This is where Impala of Tarison attracted attention. The two-year-old Brown stood for athleticism, powerful dynamic movement presence and performance needle. For € 14,000 she was sold to North Rhine-Westphalia. Pacacha was also a daughter of E.H. Cadeau represented. "The posh pacacha appears in a great setting, moves as light as a feather and accentuates and makes an excellent business card for her father," said the three-year-old in the catalog. It cost € 24,000 and was sold to Hamburg.

The foal collection was with Coram publico, a grandson of E.H. Cadeau, the winner of the foal championship in Hesse represented. Also a granddaughter of E.H. Sixtus was in the catalog.

The riding horses were mainly the black and brown E.H. Cadeau son Ancelotti in focus. The reserve champion of the three-year-old riding horses became the second-highest horse of the auction and went to Austria for € 55,000. With Danube prince was another E.H. Cadeau son in the collection. The expressive athlete type with performance profile cost € 24,000 and went to Baden-Württemberg. Heide-Cardofine of E.H. had also qualified. Cadeau. She scored with the best interior and exemplary rideability values.

Impala, a Tarison daughter,
was also in the mare lot.

Pacacha of E.H. Cadeau cost 24,000 €

Donauprinz by E.H. Cadeau
belonged to the riding horse collection.

Ancelotti by E.H. Cadeau cost 55.000 €

Photos by Stefan Lafrentz

25th October 2018

Gianduia by Tarison shows up well in the CIC *

In Waregem, the Tarison daughter Gianduia got the 27th place. In a field of 90 horses, as a six-year-old in her second CIC * so a very decent result.

8th October 2018

Stallion portrait by Fellini now online

This year, the premium stallion Fellini will be marketed via Gestüt Hörstein. His stallion portrait is online now.

» Fellini

2nd October 2018

E. H. Cadeau's son successful

Kamani Hill by E.H. Cadeau - E.H. Lehndorff's (breeder: Daniela Gierhardt) took third place in the Prix St. Georges Kür in Meinerzhagen under his owner, Annika Bäumer.

18th September 2018

Premium Stallion Fellini

The five-year premium stallion Fellini, who has been victorious in dressage class L and has achieved very good results at the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf, will be in the breeding season 2019 for the first time after being registered in the Hengstbuch I of the Trakehner Verband. He will be marketed through the stud Hörstein and further promoted in addition to his breeding assignment in dressage.

15th September 2018

Akito by E.H. Sixtus passes HLP in Poland

The four-year-old Trakehner stallion Akito by E. H. Sixtus out of Acajou von Unkensee passed the stallion performance test in the hundred-day test of the examination center in Bielice (Poland). The stallion bred and owned by Michael Schneider, born in July, was given time to develop. While advancing to Miriam Bray, the youngster showed promise and co-operation, so they decided collectively to send him to Bielice, where he rewarded the trust placed in him. Akito is probably the last direct descendant by Sixtus, whose genetics can be found here via the dam line matching the thoroughbred Limbo.

Photo: Sigrun Wiecha

11th September 2018

No Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome in Hörsteiner stallions

The hereditary disease "Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome" (WFFS) causes uncertainty in many warm-blooded breaders. The prognosis for foals with this connective tissue weakness is sad: they can only be euthanized. For this reason, all Hörsteiner stallions have been tested and we are pleased to say that they are all free of WFFS.

21st August 2018

Donnerstag by E.H. Cadeau-E.H. Sixtus third in Poland

Emma Brüssau and Donnerstag by E.H. Cadeau-E.H. Sixtus (breeder: Ute Gabriel, owner: Dr. J. A. Brüssau) were in the Polish Strzegom in the CIC2 ** at the start and occupied third place under very strong competition.

12th August 2018

Touch my Heart leaves Hörstein

After a very successful breeding season, Touch my Heart is now with its new owner and will be available to breeders again next year. We had a lot of fun with this wonderful stallion who is equipped with a great character and was always in the thing. We wish Touch my Heart all the best and the new owner much pleasure in the stallion.

17th July 2018

Couracius daughter continues well in the bush

Rebecca Gerold and her Shannon Queen of Couracius were 17th of 62 participants at the European Young Riders Championships in Fontainbleau, France. The exam was a CCI2 *.

Shannon Queen by Couracius was at the
Young European Championship at the start.
Photo: Martin Förster

16th July 2018

Skyjacker by E.H. Sixtus from an E.H. Cadeau's mother is on the road to success

Skyjacker by E.H. Sixtus has not only shown what is in him at the national tournament. Under his rider Sophie Leube, the four-year-old has already achieved various placements in dressage and show jumping exams up to class A **.

The former stallion prospect, who has already been certified by Neumünster by the breeding director of the Trakehner Verband, Lars Gehrmann, to be a "candidate for the bush", is also on course for success in eventing. In Münster, he won a suitability with terrain obstacles of class A and in Emsdetten he came in the same test on the third place. At the federal tournament, he finished second in the aptitude test with terrain with a score of 8.83.

After the efforts of the federal tournament with five starts and four placings, the young gelding now gets a three-month break before moving on to the winter.

Skyjacker is versatile
Photo: Jutta Bauernschmitt

Skyjacker is versatile
Photo: Jutta Bauernschmitt

11th July 2018

Hörsteiner offspring at the federal tournament

Aslan from Tarison presents himself well

Four-year-old Aslan from Tarison-Lafayette finished fourth in the qualifying competition class A for four- to six-year-old horses and passed the dressage horses A and show jumping horses A. The gelding was bred by Manfred Junkert and is owned by Martina Junkert and Dirk Kievald

Kamani Hill of E.H. Cadeau successful in class S

Kamani Hill v. E.H.Cadeau-E.H. Lehndorff's came in tenth in the S * -dress under his owner Annika Bäumer with 67,209%. In the dressage class S ** Intermediaire the pair came with 66.579% to fourth place.

Kamani Hill is successful in the class S Photo: Stefan Lafrentz

Easterlight by E.H. Cadeau wins in group terrain

Easterlight by E.H. Cadeau came with Dr. Annette Wyrwoll in group terrain on the first place. The mare comes from the breeding and the possession of Beate Aschke.

Clondike of Couracius placed in dressage horses M

Clondike of Couracius placed under Tjorven Carina Keunecke with 66.719% in the dressage test class M **.

Ancelottti by E.H. Cadeau Vice champion

With Ancelotti another descendant of our E.H. Cadeau Vice champion at the three-year old riding horses. He comes from the Avoni by Insterburg. The breeder is Marika Werner and owner Maximilian Camp. Ancelotti is also nominated for the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf.

Ancelotti became Vice Champion in 2018 Photo: Stefan Lafrentz

8.July 2018

Speedway is Trakehner riding horse champion

At the Trakehner Federal Tournament showed our Speedway again what's in it. Kim Pfeiffer and the black stallion had won the first riding horse test for four year old stallions on Saturday with an 8.4. And on Sunday in the championship it went well for the couple. With scores of 9.0 for canter and rideability Speedway (tied with another young sire) in the four-year-old stallions with an overall score of 8.64.

Trakehner riding horse champion
of the four-year old stallions: Speedway
b Schwarzgold under Kim Pfeiffer.
Photo: Stefan Lafrentz

5.July 2018

Hörsteiner offspring at the national tournament: Skyjacker enthuses

The Trakehner federal tournament has begun and the four-year Skyjacker by E.H. Sixtus from the Sky Lady b. E.H. Cadeau took second place in the aptitude test with terrain with a score of 8.83.

24th June 2018

Speedway wins two tests

The young stallion Speedway won the riding horse test and the dressage horse class A test in Bierstadt.

24th June 2018

Donnerstag by E.H. Cadeau-E.H. Sixtus again succesfull

Emma Brüssau and Donnerstag by E.H.Cadeau-E.H. Sixtus (breeder: Ute Gabriel, owner Dr. J. A. Brüssau) came in third place in the German Championship Young riders in Luhmühlen. Thus, the couple has again qualified for the European Championships.

18th June 2018

Winner of helium

In the traditional foal registration, 35 of the 37 registered foals were presented to the model committee.

Champion filly by Helium a.d. Tacco v. E. H. Cadeau a. Tugga v. E. H. Sixtus (5)

Reserve champion filly by E.H. Cadeau a. Famose v. Hertug a. Focosa v. Arogno (13)

Third place filly by Helium a.d. Gold Love v. Schönglanz a. Gold pearl v. EH Anduc (4)

Winner colt by Helium a.d. St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Shanara v. Monteverdi a. St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Silona v. EH Caprimond (36)

Reserve champion colt by Schwarzgold a.d. St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Shahira v. EH Anduc a. St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Shanara v. Monteverdi (25)

Third place colt by Unicato a.d. Haskara v. Askar AA a. Pr.St. Hymna v. Bellheim a. Humana v. Louidor (22)

Udo Schmittberger is breeder of the winners and the second placed colt. Both colts found new owners the same day: the stud Hörstein secured them for stallion rearing. Another foal has also been sold and some are still under negotiation. It was once again a successful event and there were many spectators. The stallions presented themselves excellently. Especially Speedway and Kim Pfeiffer could once again inspire.

13th June 2018

Nearly 40 registrations for the Foal Show

The lists of registered colts and fillies are ready and can be viewed online here.

» Foal Show 2018 (pdf)

12th June 2018

Gianduia by Tarison qualifies for the Federal Championship

Gianduia is qualified for the Bundeschampionat of the six-year old horses with an 8.1 in the class L horse test and the second place in Bad Honnef. The daughter of the Tarison has under her rider, Kai-Steffen Meier, an impressive tournament record: 4 starts, of which 2x in eventing-horses on place 2 and 3 and twice 2x L won.

06th June 2018

Sporting successes for Kamani Hill by E.H. Cadeau

The dark brown gelding Kamani Hill, born. 2009, by E.H. Cadeau from the Kantara 3 by E.H. Lehndorff's from the breeding of Daniela Gierhardt is highly successful with his owner and rider, Annika Bäumer:

Lindlar 6.7. S* 4th. place
Asbach 30.7. S* 1st. place

Koblenz 18.3. S* Prix St. Georg 8th. place
Neuwied 31.3. S* Prix St Georg 11th. place
Neuwied 1.4. S** Intermediaire I 6th. place
Altenkirchen 28.4. S* 3rd. place
Altenkirchen 29.4. S* Prix St. Georg 1st. place

04th June 2018

Two more mares by E.H. Sixtus successfully registered

At the Central Mare Registration in Hohenahr, Hessen, two daughters of our E.H. Sixtus registered with 53 points each. Gloriosa from the Premium Mare Golda Meir by E.H. Münchhausen (breeder and owner: Marika Werner, Mittenaar) has completed the mare performance test with 7.9 and is premium mare.

Sixtana out of Shanara by E.H. Monteverdi (breeder and owner: Udo Schmittberger, Scots) was also registered with 53 points and gets the premium with appropriate mare performance test. Sixtana, a close relative to Speedway, got the 8.5 for the free jumping, fortune and technique and is invited to the free jumping cup on the occasion of the stallion licensing in Neumünster.

04th June 2018

Speedway is still on the road to success

With his rider, Kim Pfeiffer, our young stallion Speedway continues to be successful. Last Friday the couple won the riding horse test in Hofheim.

27th May 2018

Sommernachtstraum by E.H. Sixtus wins in Ronneburg

With an 8,0 Sommernachtstraum by E.H. Sixtus won the dressage horse test in Ronneburg. The mare from the state premium and premium mare Sternrose comes from the breeding of Ursula Kurz and is owned by her rider Nina Lösch. Congratulations on this beautiful success.

27th May 2018

Ancelotti by E.H. Cadeau wins in Bonn

Under his rider Lydia Camp won Ancelotti of E.H. Cadeau the riding horse test in Bonn. The gelding got a 9 for the gallop and an 8.5 for the building. Ancelotti out of Avonie comes from the breeding of Marika Werner and is owned by the Camp family. Congratulations to the breeder, the owner and the rider.

23rd May 2018

Premium candidate of E.H. cadeau

At the Central Mare Registration New Federal States South, another mare of our E.H. Cadeau became premium candidate. Pacacha out of Palisha by Harlem Go comes from the breeding and ownership of Karl-Heinz Krüger, Möckern. Congratulations on this nice result.

15th May 2018

Speedway again successful

Our young stallion Speedway was immediately placed with his score of 8.0 in his first competition horse test in Wolfskehlen in his first class A dressage exam. In the riding horse test Speedway, again with the score 8.0, came in second place. The Schwarzgold son and his rider Kim Pfeiffer did a great job again. All Hörsteiner are pleased, as Speedway is doing well at breeding and sport and is always focused on his rider. Congratulations and many thanks to Kim Pfeiffer and the whole family for the great work.

15th May 2018

High Destiny by E.H. Sixtus is premium candidate and best jumping mare

High Destiny became a premium candidate and best jumping mare at the Central Mare Registration in Schleswig-Holstein. The mare by E.H. Sixtus is out of the state premium and premium mare Haruka. Breeder is Dirk Kiewald from Heidekrug and owner is Margaret MacGregor from Nashville.

06th May 2018

Gianduia of Tarison wins CNC1 * for six-year-old horses

The six-year-old Tarison daughter Gianduia won the CNC1 * in Waregem under Kai Steffen Meier. The premium Mare from the Gioia of Beg XX comes from the breeding and possession of Dr. Ing. Brigitte Westbrock.

Gianduia by Tarison is highly sucessful.

06th May 2018

Speedway first start of the new year -a victory

Our young stallion Speedway won the riding horse test with high marks with his rider and trainer Kim Pfeiffer in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim. Congratulations to Kim Pfeiffer who does a great job and also with her successful horse Ferdinand the S-dressage could decide for themselves.

05th April 2018

Speedway is licensed for breeding

Our young stallion Speedway passed his sports test with an 8.0 in March in Munich Riem and is now licensed for breeding.

2nd April 2018

Free Jumping Cup

Well attended and in perfect weather this year's free jumping cup took place. Before the participants presented themselves at the jump, the stallions were shown. The first big appearance of Touch my Heart in Hörstein was followed with great interest. A special applause was given to the meanwhile 29-year-old E.H. Sixtus. Speedway was once again excellently ridden by Kim Pfeiffer and is now available for breeding. The tried-and-tested Tarison once again demonstrated its quality on the go this year. In the three and four-year-old horses, the four-year-old stallion Azulonvon Marseille from the Azula West of Ulexis won the ownership of Lisa Kern from Thaining. Second place went to three-year-old Sirtaki von Waitaki from St.Pr u. Pr.St. Sternrose of E.H. Cadeau, which is owned by Perta Darmstädter from Rodenbach. Third was the three-year caravan Bonaparte AA from the Pr. St. Karenina von Herzglanz, owned by Werner Nitz from Gladenbach. In the older horses convinced the ten year old clover of E.H. Hirtentanz from the heart-dream of Tivano owned by Eva Pflug from Löhnberg. Second was the six-year-old It's me Mukbil Aykut of E.H. Sixtus from the Ilka of Velasques owned by Hartmut Keiling from Ober-Mörlen. Third place was taken by the strikingly drawn Aisfee by Camaro from the Arkits by title hero owned by Mareike Becker from Roßdorf. We congratulate the winners and runners very warmly!.

Fotos: Alexandra Becker

29th March 2018

Happy Easter

The stud Hörstein wishes everyone happy and relaxed Easter Holidays!

28th March 2018

The free jumping cup is imminent

In two days the time has come and the Hörsteiner free-jumping-cup is takings place. Registered are eight three to four year old and seven five year old and older horses. Including much Hörsteiner blood. The timetable and the starter list are now online.

» Timetable (pdf)

» Entry list (pdf)

25th March 2018

Speedway passes his sports exam

Our speedway has passed its sports test in Munich Riem with an overall score of 8.0. For the trot, the rideability and the overall impression he got an 8.0 each. For the gallop a 8.2 and the step a 7.8. He presented himself excellently and was described by the foreign rider as a model student! Many thanks to Kim Pfeiffer for the excellent preparation and presentation!

4th March 2018

Kylon by Couracius is developing into a great riding horse

The five-year-old Kylon by Couracius out of a Sapros mother makes his owner Edith Laub much joy. As she reports, he is doing very well. At the moment he is being trained slowly and emotionally. Terrain obstacles make it fun. He jumps everything without problems, is incredibly brave and is not afraid of anything. He is self-confident and convinced of himself. He is something very special, very devoted to man, always curious and always master of the situation. Everyone is looking forward to his further development.

27th February 2018

The registration form for the free jumping cup is now online

This year's free jumping cup will be held on friday, march 30th, in the stud Hörstein. The registration is possible until march 24th and the form can be downloaded here.

» Registration Freispringcup Hörstein 2018 (pdf)

Time management

11th February 2018

Speedway at stallion show in Münster Handorf

The Westphalian Equestrian Center in Münster / Handorf was again all about the Trakehner and our young stallion Speedway right in the middle.

24th January 2018

Our new stallion flyer

We have created a new stallion flyer. In there you will find the latest information about our stallions, their offspring and the stud.

» Hörstein Stallion 2018 (pdf)(pdf)

23rd January 2017

Speedway’s half-sister joins the Hörstein mare herd

A new filly will bring fresh blood to our mare herd: The Helium-daughter out of St.Pr. and Pr.St. Shahira by E.H. Anduc out of St.Pr. and Pr.St. Shanara by Monteverdi is called “Heli” and was bred by Udo Schmittberger. Heli has already been highly rated at the foul examination in Hörstein and became the winner of the Hessian foal championships at Stefan Schümann’s stud “Auf der Rabenau. Heli is a half-sister of Speedway’s (breeder: Udo Schmittberger), who will make an appearance at the stallion show in Münster-Handorf on February 10th. Afterwards he will complete the sport horse test. Speedway will be in breeding use after the test, but he will also continue to be trained in riding by Kim Pfeiffer. More tournament entries are also planned for him.

Fotos: Meike Düsterwald

21st December2017

Temple Touch xx - the mother of Touch my Heart is no longer alive

One of the most prominent thoroughbred mares in the younger Trakehner breed no longer lives. Temple Touch xx died after a severe colic at the age of 29 years. Temple Touch XX was characterized by its own high performance on the racetrack: In six years of racing, she had more than 40 starts with six wins and several places. She is the mother of successful jumping and eventing horses. Temple Touch xx was an absolute rarity in the German horse breeding - she is registered in all four books and the only so far in the Trakehner breed acting thoroughbred mare. She wore the elite title of the Trakehner Association.

20th December 2017

We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The stud Hörstein wishes all the breeders, riders and friends of the Trakehner horse beautiful Christmas and all the best for the new year. The team is looking forward to the coming breeding season and hopes for many successes for the Hörsteiner stallions and their offspring.

19th December 2017

New stallion portrait of Touch my Heart is online

We have put detailed information about the new Hörsteiner stallion online. Touch my Heart by Herzruf o.o. Temple Touch xx will be stationed with us for the upcoming breeding season. He is an extremely exciting three-quarter-blooded stallion. Lars Gehrmann said on the occasion of the licensing: “This son of Herzruf is not only about his quality of his parents as a royal three-fourths blood a breeding rarity; he is large framed and strong, but also tough and athletic. Good matured in an important alignment his condominium body is standing on four big hooves and he is acting with a lot of mechanics, especially with a long striding gallop.“ Stallion portrait

18th December 2017

Shannon Queen also indoor successful

Rebecca Gerold and Shannon Queen by Couracius got the eighths place last weekend in Indoor Cross Country in Salzburg.

11th December 2017

Red Moon is one of the best sport horses

E.H. Sixtus-grandson Red Moon 2 (owner: Sören Suppert) placed his breeder Astrid Becker under the best seven per cent of the breeders of Oldenburg dressage horses for tournament sports. He has been placed in class S twelve times and collected 2760 ranking points. The pictures show him as a three-week-old, accompanied by his mother, Polarissima by E.H. Sixtus.

23rd November 2017

Blood is the juice that creates miracles

The new stallion in Hörstein, Touch my Heart by Herzruf o.o. Temple Touch xx, will fortify the Hörstein stallion team in the upcoming breeding season 2018. With Touch my Heart we provide our breeders with a first-class athletic and refined stallion for the breeding of sport horses.

10th November 2017

E.H. Axis TSF from E.H. Sixtus is no longer alive

The Trakehner elite stallion Axis TSF died a week ago at the age of 18 from the consequences of an aortic tear. The son of E.H. Sixtus had collapsed under his longtime rider Terhi Stegars. The veterinarian, who was in the barn at the time, could only confirm the death. From the breeding of Ewald Hartmann (Lahnau) Axis became best jumping stallion of his licensing. At the age of six, he came to the Finnish A-squad rider Terhi Stegars. She celebrated with the black stallion the greatest successes of her athletic career. Sporting highlights were the participation in European Championships, World Championships and World Cup finals. His offspring are also successful in sport and breeding.

24th October 2017

Hörstein progeny at the Trakehner stallion market

The progeny of the Hörstein stallions were very successful at the Trakehner stallion market in Neumünster. United Affair by Herbstkönig out of an E.H. Sixtus-mother (b.: ZG Thönsen, Rantzau; o.: Konsortium Cava, Kisdorf) was not only licensed and given a premium, but was also the second reserve-winner. “This stallion has an impressive double predisposition, which is quite rare”, said breeding director Lars Gehrman. United Affair found a new home in Hamburg. Resedon by Millennium o. o. an E.H. Cadeau-mother (b. and o.: Heinrich Ramsbrock, Menslage) also got a premium. Two other Hörstein descendants were licensed: Bourani by Fairment Hill by E.H. Cadeau (b. and o.: Maja Kozian-Fleck, Quarnbek) and Kara ben Nemsi by Luxor, a grandson of E.H. Lehndorff’s (b.: Gisela Gunia, Uslar; o.: Medienkonsorten, Herdecke).

The three-year-old stallion Störtebeker by Abdullah out of an E.H. Sixtus-mother won the second Trakehner free jumping cup. The judges Jens Hoffrogge and Philipp Hartmann gave the white horse, bred and owned by the Blömer family, Splietsdorf, a 9.0 for his ability and an 8.8 for his manner. The stallion who came in second is also a descendant of E.H. Sixtus’: Horales by E.H. Sixtus was bred by Bernhard Schönberger, Seck, and is owned by Roswitha Kottmann, Bad Marienburg. Ehrentanz by Abendtanz (b. and o.: Elisabeth Mallert, Poland) became third. He also has E.H. Sixtus in his pedigree.

Six-year-old Tudor by Iskander out of an E.H. Sixtus-mother (b.: Gellhaar family, Steinau; o.: Gut Staffelde GmbH, Kremmen) was the most expensive riding horse. He found a new home in Berlin for 80.000 €. Best Game (b. and o.: René Franssen, Netherlands), who also has E.H. Sixtus in his pedigree, changed owners, too. A foal o.o. Susuya by E.H. Cadeau was sold to buyers from the Netherlands.

Störtebeker v. Abdullah-E.H. Sixtus.
Foto: Stefan Lafrentz

Tudor v. Iskander-E.H. Sixtus.
Foto: Stefan Lafrentz

16th October 2017

Kawango is honoured

Traditionally, the Trakehner sports horse of the year is honoured at the Trakehner stallion market, which will take place from 19th till 22th October. This year, the award will go to Kawango by E.H. Sixtus out of Kandra by Kostolany. With him, his rider Hanne Brenner is on her way to the top of the world’s para-equestrians. The twelve-year-old Kawango is a full brother to E.H. Kasparow (breeder: Friedrich Isaak). As the successor of his prominent box-neighbor Women of the World – Paralympics-winner Hanne Brenner’s very successful and long-standing sportspartner – Kawango had a difficult inheritance. This year, the gelding, who has placed up until M** in regular horse competitions and was nominated for the 2016 Paralympics, has won the German championships with Hanne Brenner for the third time. Next year the goal will be to take part in the world championships in the USA, and after that in the Paralympics in Tokio, because Hanne Brenner is convinced to find her way to the top of the world with Kawango.

5th October 2017

Shannon Queen wins her first CIC2*

With her rider Rebecca Gerold Shannon Queen (b.: stud Hörstein) has won a CIC2*-test for the first time. At the competition in Austrian Thal near Graz, especially the cross-country section was challenging – only four of the eleven starters were able to finish. Shannon Queen completed cross-country without obstacle faults and with nine time faults. She had no faults in jumping and was able to win the competition.

28th September 2017

Speedway has passed his predisposition test

Speedway by Schwarzgold o.o. Shahira (b.: Udo Schmittberger; o.: stud Hörstein) has passed his 14-day predisposition test in Schlieckau very successfully. He will continue to be trained by Kim Pfeiffer. At the age of four years Speedway will have to pass his three-day sports test next spring and can then be introduced to breeding as a four-year-old.

4th September 2017

Hörstein offspring at the stallion market

Some of the descendants of Hörstein stallions have already been admitted to the Trakehner stallion market in Neumünster. Those are a stallion by Millenium out of an E.H. Cadeau-mother (b. and o.: Heinrich Ramsbrock), a son of Herbstkönig out of an E.H. Sixtus-mother (b.: ZG Thönsen; o.: Konsortium Cava), a Heops-son out of an E.H. Sixtus-mother (b.: Anja Schattling; o.: Joachim Humpfer) and a Bystro-son out of an E.H. Lehndorff’s-mother (b. and o.: Roswitha Caspary). Another grandson of E.H. Lehndorff’s, an All-Inclusive-son (b. and o.: Drs. Wilhelm und Renate Dettmering), has been registered as reserve.

22nd August 2017

Speedway still on the course for success

After being second in a riding horses test two weeks ago, Speedway by Schwarzgold o.o. Shahira (b.: Udo Schmitterger; o.: stud Hörstein) won the riding horses test in Mainz-Bodenheim on August 18th. With his rider Kim Pfeiffer he had a score of 8.2. In trot he got an even 9.0. In the same test Tattoo by Herbstkönig o.o. Tacco (b.: Manfred Gellhaar; o.: stud Hörstein) came in third with Kim Pfeiffer. He got a score of 7.9.

25th July 2017

Second place for Speedway at the federal tournament

The Hörstein stallion Speedway won the test for riding horses at the federal tournament with 8,20 points. He also came in second place of the championships of riding horses for three-year-old stallions. With his rider Kim Pfeiffer he got 8,07 points and was recommended for the federal championships in Warendorf.

Pictures: Stephan Bischoff

24th July 2017

Shannon Queen will start in Tongeren

Shannon Queen (b.: stud farm Hörstein) will take part in the European championships of rural riders in Tongeren (Belgium).

24th July 2017

Bronze for Donnerstag

Emma Brüssau and Donnerstag by Cadeau-Sixtus (b.: Ute Gabriel, o.: Dr. J.A. Brüssau) were third of the juniors at the european championships of eventing in Millstreet (Ireland). They reached 79,70 % in dressage and had zero faults in cross-country and jumping. With the german team of the juniors they became European team-champions.

17th July 2017

New employee wanted

We are in search of an employee for expanding our breeding and training company. Regular working hours and predictable weekend-shifts are provided. Requests to stud farm Hörstein, or phone: 06023-1641.

16th July 2017

E.H. Sixtus-grandson placed in Falsterbo

Helene Melsen reached place five in the Grand Prix of the CDI in swedish Falsterbo with the twelve-year-old Aston Martin by Monteverdi-Sixtus (b.: Johnny Soerense and Lone Andersen, o.: Helene Melsen).

13th July 2017

Silver and bronze for High Pleasure

High Pleasure by E.H. Cadeau (b.: Hubertus Dieckert, o.: Anna Den) and his rider Tobias Nabben were able to celebrate two successes in Hattingen-Nierenhof: In the Intermediaire II they came in second place with 79,307 %. In the Intermediaire A, a dressage test class S***, they were third.

12th July 2017

Red Moon 2 successful all around

The E.H. Sixtus-grandson Red Moon 2 (b.: Astrid Becker, o.: Sören Suppert) has shown himself very successful in the past weeks. With his rider Victoria Suppert he became eighth in the St. Georg Special in Fröndenberg, seventh in the St. Georg Special in Halver, sixth in a dressage test class S* in Velbert and fifth in the Prix St. Georg-freestyle in Wipperfürth. In Sundern-Hellefeld he won a dressage test class S*. Red Moon 2 is a half-brother of the highly successful premium mare Pepsi by E.H. Cadeau.

12th July 2017

E.H. Cadeau-granddaughter in the finals of the german championships of mares

The three-year-old Reidun by Millennium-E.H. Cadeau (b. and o.: Heinrich Ramsbrock) will start in the finals of the german championshipf of mares.

11th July 2017

Aston Martin placed at the Danish Championships

Aston Martin by Monteverdi-E.H. Sixtus (b.: Johnny Soerense and Lone Andersen) was eighth at the Danish Championships under his owner Helene Melsen.

10th July 2017

Third place for Shannon Queen

In Taipana (Italy) the Couracius-daughter Shannon Queen (b.: Gestüt Hörstein) reached the third place in the CIC2* under her rider Rebecca Gerold. After dressage she first came in seventh place. In cross-country she had only one time fault and one dropping in the jumping competition.

Shannon Queen by Couracius at the
CIC1* in Ravenna. Photo: Marco Proli

9th July 2017

Gianduia qualified for the National Championships

Double success for Gianduia by Tarison (b. and o.: Dr. Brigitte Westbrock): The mare became the new five-year-old Trakehner championesse of eventing horses and also qualified for the National Championships. With rider Kai-Steffen Meier she got the grade 8,8 in cross-country of class A** and an 8,0 in class L, which brought her to fourth place. At the competition in Zülpich she already had an 8,4 in class A. Furthermore, the pair won in the combined test of class A**.

06th July 2017

EH Sixtus says goodbye with a promising foal crop

The two renowned sires EH Cadeau and EH Sixtus proved their quality once again at Hörstein’s foal show on 2nd July 2017. Both of them provided each the winner and the second reserve-winner of the fillies and colts. During the event, 28-year-old EH Sixtus was retired from active breeding.

This year’s Hörstein foal show was especially festive, as the long-standing main sire of the stud, EH Sixtus, was retired from active breeding at the age of 28 years. The noble black horse has put forth many licensed stallions, more than 150 registered brood mares and victorious sport horses of different disciplines. “EH Sixtus has been one of the most successful Trakehner sires of the last years”, said stud manager Dirk Jörß. Apart from his breeder Manfred Blomeyer and his long-standing handler Stefan Anspach, the breeding director of the Trakehner association, Lars Gehrmann, also came to the festive tribute.

Once again, his current foal crop showed the quality of EH Sixtus. With a foal of Sky Lady by EH Cadeau-Habicht (breeder: stud farm Hörstein) and a son of High Fly by Mephisto-Ora (b.: Peter Heinzerling, Gladenbach) he provided both the winner and the second reserve-winner of the stud farm’s colts. Reserve-winner was a Tarison-son of Donauschwalbe (b.: Claudia Fröhlich, Darmstadt).

The proven Hörstein sire EH Cadeau had the same success. One of his descendants became the winner of the fillies, a foal of Sixtina by EH Sixtus-EH Lehndorff’s (b.: stud farm Hörstein). The second reserve-winner is also a daughter of EH Cadeau’s. This filly comes of Herbstblume by Pricolino-Lafayette (b.: Werner Layendecker, Veitsrodt). The reserve-winner was provided by Waitaki, a foal of Time at Time xx by Alwuhishxx-Lagunas xx (b.: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen).

The best filly by other stud farms’ stallions was an Ivanhoe-daughter (b.: Anja Schattling, Waigandshain). Reserve-winners are a foal by Helium-EH Cadeau-EH Sixtus (b.: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth) and a filly by Perpignan Noir (b.: Ursula Fischer, Schotten). This stallion also provided the second reserve-winner within the fillies, from the breeding line EH Cadeau-EH Lehndorff’s (b.: Karl Ochsner, Linz), as well as the winner within the colts, a grandson of EH Cadeau’s (b.: Patricia Pröscher, Schotten). A foal by Schwarzgold (b.: Dr. Theo Schneider, Beselich-Obertiefenbach) became reserve-winner, second reserve-winner is a colt by High Motion (b: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen).

Before the lunch break the sires of the stud farm Hörstein presented themselves in a stallion show. The event is especially interesting, because foals can be purchased directly from the breeder, without dues.

The winners and premiere foals are listed here:

» Ergebnisse (pdf)

28th June 2017

Undercover will be at the National Championships

Under his rider Janet Maas the five-year-old Undercover by Syrinao o.o. a Sixtus-mother (b.: Günter Bertelmann, o.: Reiner Kasch) has finished his qualification for the national championships of eventing horses. He won the eventing test class A in Hornsmühlen and had already gotten the grades 8,3 and 8,4 in different enduring tests. In Bad Segeberg he now also reached a 7,8 in an enduring test class L and is admitted to the national championships in Warendorf.

28th June 2017

About 40 registrations for the Foal Show

The lists of registered colts and fillies are ready and can be viewed online here.» Foal Show 2017(pdf)

22nd June 2017

Place eleven for Parodie

The 19-year-old Parodie by E.H. Lehndorff’s (b.: Rolf von Hartum) came in eleventh place in the S*-dressage in Lorsch (Hesse). They got 66,349 % percent.

21st June 2017

E.H. Cadeau has another two premium mares

At the central mare registration in Baden-Wurttemberg Imperia by E.H. Cadeau o.o. St.Pr. and Pr.St. Incars-Tochter (b. and o.: Pius Harlacher) was registered with 54.5 points. She was the best four-year-old. At the central mare registration in Hesse, Perla by E.H. Cadeau o.o. Pom Pom by E.H. Sixtus was presented. She had already been registered with 54 points and was successful in dressage classes A and L. Now she was awarded with the association premium. Breeder and owner is Manfred Holl.

18th June 2017

Hannelore Brenner and E.H. Sixtus-son Kawango are German Champions

The German Championships in para-dressage were held in Werder (Brandenburg). With 70,407 % Hannelore Brenner won in Grade IV on the E.H. Sixtus-son Kawango (b.: Friedrich Isaak; o.: Hannelore Brenner and Dorte M. Christensen).


Timetable for the foal show

On Sunday 2nd July, it's time again. About 40 foals will be presented by the Commission in Hörstein for patterning.

11th June 2017

Donnerstag by E.H. Cadeau-E.H. Sixtus is German Champion

With the ten-year-old mare Donnerstag by E.H. Cadeau out of a E.H. Sixtus-mother (b.: Ute Gabriel; o.: Dr. J. A. Brüssau) Emma Brüssau won the junior German Championships in Eventing with her dressage score of 42,20 points.

9th June 2017

High Pleasure placed twice

At the Pentecostal competition in westphalian Borken, twelve-year-old High Pleasure by E.H. Cadeau (b.: Hubertus Dieckert; o.: Anna Den) was placed twice. With his rider Tobias Nabben he reached the seventh place in Intermediare II with 65,351 % and place four in the short Grand Prix.


Registered for the foal show: filly by E.H. Cadeau - Hirtentanz

Manfred and Martina Junkert (Egelsbach) announced their dark brown filly by EH Cadeau o.o. Ashabnti by Hirtentanz-Lafayette. The little lady was born on 15. May and is, according to the breeders, "a true daughter of her father". She is very kind, humane and good-natured. The Hörsteins are looking forward to the promissing newcommers on the 2nd of July to the foal show.

31st May 2017

Parodie by Lehndorff’s successful

The 19-year-old Parodie by E.H. Lehndorff’s (breeder: Rolf von Holtum) was sixth in the dressage test S** in Ladenburg under her owner Christine Hartnagel.


Apply your foal for registration and show on 2nd July.

Traditionally every summer a foal entry with foal market and stallion presentation takes place on the Hörstein stud. This year will be held on July 2nd from 9am. Until the 24th of June, foals can still be registered. Please send your ancestry, date of birth, color, owner and breeder to: or by mail to: Gestüt Hörstein GmbH & Co.KG, Kapellenstraße 30 D-63755 Alzenau / Hörstein, Germany

17th May 2017

Another foal from E.H. Sixtus was born

On the 12th of May, a filly was born by our Elitehengst Sixtus out of Valerie by Grafenstolz. Breeder and owner is Stefan Schümann from Kirchhain.

6th May 2017

High Pleasure placed in Grand Prix

In Wipperfürth the twelve-year-old High Pleasure by E.H. Cadeau (breeder: Hubertus Dieckert; owner: Anna Den) came in sixth place in the Grand Prix and was ninth in Intermediare II.

2nd May 2017

Shannon Queen successful again

Couracius-daughter Shannon Queen (owner: Arnulf Gerold), who was reared in Hörstein, was seventh at the CIC** in Austrian Wiener Neustadt. With her rider Rebecca Gerold she got 64,7 points.

1st May 2017

Gianduia by Tarison again succesfull

Constant performance shows the sporty daughter of Tarison, Gianduia. Under her rider Kai-Steffen Meier she got third in an eventing class A in Belgian Marchin.

27th April 2017

Stallion foal by Fahrenheit

A stallion foal by Fahrenheit out of Listera from the breeding and possession of Karina Frühklug came into the world.

24th April 2017

Gianduia by Tarison on the way towards Bundeschampionat

Gianduia by Tarison, who became the best jumping mare in here registration, came in Enken-Euskirchen in a eventing A ** in fourth place, with a 8.4.

20th April 2017

Yesterday a mare-filly by E.H. Cadeau ot of Sixtina by E.H. Sixtus was born.

17th April 2017

Free Jumping Cup 2017

On Saturday before Easter, the free jumping cup took place on the Hörstein stud.In the group of the three- and four-year-olds the winner was It's me by Phlox-Kallisos and in the group of the five-year-old Varos by Tarison-E.H.Cadeau won. More pictures and all results can be found here

13th April 2017

stallion foal by Tarison

On 6 April at 5 o'clock this little stallion by Tarison out of Donauschwalbe by Songline - Summertime saw the light of the world! Thanks to the professional support of our team, drinking also worked. We congratulate breader Mrs Frohlich!

12th April 2017

Amadelio TSF by Lehndorff's placed in three-star S

In Zierow the eleven-year-old Amadelio TSF by Lehndorff's under Christina Leben started with two beautiful successes in the highest class of the dressage. He finished his first dressage test, Kl. S ***, with 68,102% on position 3, on the following day the pair could even reach 69.21%.

12th april 2017

Happy Easter

The stud Hörstein wishes everyone happy and relaxed Easter Holidays!

28th March 2017

Offspring by E.H. Sixtus and E.H. Cadeau were succesfull in Luxenburg

In Leudelange-Ecuries des Prés, two descendants with Hörsteiner blood were successful. Under her rider Rebecca Svane came the seven-year-old Opera by E.H. Sixtus (breeder: Tony Bang, Denmark) in third place in a dressage test of class M.
Diane Erpelding managed to place herself in second place with her twelve-year-old Goldsox by E.H. Cadeau (breeder: Ingo Wittlich) in the Dressage Kl. S *** - Amateur GP with 64,867%.

Rebecca Svane with Opera by
E.H. Sixtus. Foto: Emile Mentz

Diane Erpelding with Goldsox by
E.H. Cadeau. Foto: Emile Mentz

25th March 2017

First tour of the Sternenzauberin

The enchanting little Sternzaubern b. Perpignan Noir o.d. Sternfee by E.H. Cadeau happily raced on the paddock with her six days.

23th March 2017

Stallion foal by Totilas is born

And it goes on with the foals. In the afternoon came a beautiful chestnut coloured foal by Totilas ot of the Sachsen-Anhalt mare Enny Lane by Expo'se - Paradiesvogel to the world. Breeder ist Klaus-Peter Schmidt.

20th March 2017

The first Hörsteiner foal is born

The first Hörsteiner foal of the year 2017 is a mare. She was born on 19 March and is from Perpignan Noir o.d. Premium mare Sternfee by E.H. Cadeau. Breeder of the foal is Susanne Trompke, owner Karl Ochsner.

21st February 2017

Varos by Tarison proves to be a jumping horse

Varos, a five-year-old son of the stallion Tarison, from a mother of E.H. Cadeau, is preparing for his jumping career in the stable of the internationally successful and currently reigning Bavarian junior champion, Tim Hartlaub. Already as a four-years-old he was always noticed by his high rideability characteristics, caution and a very good jumping man. With the new year 2017 he completed his first courses in class A and L jumping competitions and shows his excellent jumping power and front leg technology.

5th February 2017

The registration form for the free jumping cup is now online

This year's free jumping cup will be held on Saturday, April 15, in the stud Hörstein. Registration is possible until April 8th. The registration form can be downloaded here as a download. » Registration Freispringcup Hörstein 2017 (pdf)

Time management

23th January 2017

Our new stallion flyer

This year we have created a new stallion flyer. In there you will find the latest information about our stallions, their offspring and the stud. It is available for download here.

11th January 2017

Winterfeeling in hörstein

4th January 2017

The date for foal examination is 2017

This year's foal examination with foal market and stallion presentation with will take place on Sunday, July 2nd in Hörstein.

4th January 2017

Large portrait of the Couracius daughter Shannon Queen in The Trakehner

The January issue of The Trakehner contains a detailed report on Shannon Queen and her rider Rebecca Gerold. The mare is at the moment Austria's most successful versatility horse and rushes to success with her young rider. Closing this great season was the ninth place at the World Cup in Le Lion d 'Angers. Read the whole article by Erhard Schulte here.

22th December 2016

We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The stud Hörstein wishes all the breeders, riders and friends of the Trakehner horse beautiful Christmas and all the best for the new year. The team is looking forward to the coming breeding season and hopes for many successes for the Hörsteiner stallions and their offspring.

20th December 2016

Speedway proves itself under the saddle

The stallion Speedway, based in Hörstein, was gently trained under the sattle by Astrid Fischbach. Now he is looking forward to his work every day. The Youngster is particularly enjoying the free jumping. He is hardly able to slow down and completes the jump series with a lot of talent. Speedway is now preparing for the 14-day assessment test, which he will take in Neustadt / Dosse in April, then he starts the breeding activity.

24th November 2016

Speedway is now online with a description and photos

Speedway by Schwarzgold who was licensed in 2016 now has a stallion portrait: With a detailed description, the pedigree and some photos.

7th November 2016

Our stallions in Neumünster

The Tarison son Trotha was also well discussed. Lars Gehrmann said the half-bred ist with excellent type and with a harmonious frame. He praised the performance at the freejumping and the excellently translated gallop. So he is an insider tip for a future sports career in eventing.

2nd November 2016

Our horses enjoy the fall

22th October 2016

Skyjacker b.. E.H. Sixtus-E.H. Cadeau is recommended as a "performance candidate for the bush"

The stallion Skyjacker b. E.H. Sixtus a.o. Sky Lady b. E.H. Cadeau did not get a licensing. However, this decision was not explained by the final assessment by the breeding director Lars Gehrmann. He praised the "miraculous Sixtus son." He would have an open eye, an open face, and already shown his talent at the freejumping. The "practical, space-grabbing gallop", as well as the flawless step were praised by Lars Gehrmann. He added: "Everything fits together. A performance candidate for the bush ". Skyjacker was auctioned for 30,000 euros.

© Stefan Lafrentz

22th October 2016

Speedway is licensed

In Neumünster this year 13 stallions were licensed. Including Speedway b. Schwarzgold-Anduc. The licensed stallions will be discussed tomorrow morning.

© Stefan Lafrentz

22th October 2016

Our stallions in Neumünster

The Tarison son Trotha was also well discussed. Lars Gehrmann said the half-bred ist with excellent type and with a harmonious frame. He praised the performance at the freejumping and the excellently translated gallop. So he is an insider tip for a future sports career in eventing.

20th October 2016

Trakehner Stallion Market in Neumünster

Today begins at 2 pm the paving pattern of the 54th Trakehner stallion market. The catalog number 29 Speedway by Schwarzgold-Anduc and catalog number 32 Skyjacker by E.H. Sixtus-E.H. Cadeau have already traveled to Neumünster yesterday.

19th October 2016

Couracius, E.H. Sixtus and Waitaki offspring at the World Championships of the youn eventin horses

This weekend Lion d'Angers will be hosting the World Championship of Young Eventing horses. Among the six-year-olds are Shannon Queen by Couracius and Rebecca Gerold (AUT) as well as Oklahoma II by E.H. Sixtus and Kathrin Khoddamm-Hazrati (AUT). With Pinter's Maxim also there will also be a Waitaki grandson participating. He starts under Kai-Steffen Meier for Germany.

25th September 2016

Thursday from E. H. Cadeau-E.H. Sixtus is European Champion

While the junior european championship in eventing, the German team won gold. Also present were Emma Brüssau and her E. H. Cadeau daughter Donnerstag. Theys were second best of the German team and came in the individual competition, with her dressage score, to fourth place.

14th September 2016

Donnerstag by E. H. Cadeau has been nominated for the European Championships Eventing Junior and Young Riders

Following the international eventing competition in Langenhagen Twenge the eventing committee of the German Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR) has nominated the participants for the European Championships for Juniors and Young Riders in Montelibretti (September 22 to 25). The junior rider Emma Brüssau (Schriesheim / BAW) and Donnerstagb. E. H. Cadeau are nominated.

11th September 2016

No Paralympics for Hannelore Brenner and her E.H. Sixtus son Kawango

The exchange wave in the German championship teams continues unabated. Now it has taken Hannelore Brenner (Wachenheim). The currently most successful German Para-dressage rider and two-time gold medalist of 2012 will stay at home because her Trakehner Kawango has been injured shortly.

29th August 2016

Son of E.H. Cadeau qualifierd for the stallion market

Now also has a son of E. H. Cadeau qualified for the stallion market. The youngster from Heloise was bred by Karl-Heinz Kesser (Waldalgesheim). Thus the stud Hörstein is very well represented at the upcoming stallion market.

24th August 2016

Donnerstag by E. H. Cadeau shows strongly in the CIC * in Dutch Helvoirt

A very good eighth place in the 103 starters heavily occupied CIC * there was for Emma Brüssau and nine-years-old Thursday by E. H. Cadeau - E.H. Sixtus (B.: Ute Gabriel, O.: Dr. Jürgen Andreas Brüssau) : 46,90 points in dressage, penalty points on the course and only 1.60 points in jumping took the pair on a final score of 48.50 points .

23th August 2016

Son of Tarison is reserve for the licensing

When sighting at the stud Aspenhof a son of Tarison o.o. Time at Time was presented. The stallion, bred by Martina Hölzel (Babenhausen) and from the possession of Joachim and Katrin Humpfer (Schrozberg) was nominated as a reserve.

At the same qualifiying for licensing a grandson of Lehndorff's was approved.

23th August 2016

Vivian by Octavian gets 57 points at her registration

The filly Vivian by Octavian o.o Viva by Herzruf was registrated with 57 points. Among other things, the daughter of the premium stallion Octavian is rated a 8.5 on their . Breeder and owner is Sarah Geenen.

18th August 2016

Hörsteiner young stallions qualify for Neumünster

While the preselection date in Waldalgesheim the Hörsteiner young stallions were presented . Both have qualified for the licensing occasion of the stallion market in Neumünster. There are a son of Schwarzgold o.o. Shahira b. Anduc ( B.: Udo Schmittberger ) and a son of E.H. Sixtus o.o Sky Lady b . E.H. Cadeau ( B. stud Hörstein ).

Furthermore, it was a two-year E.H. Sixtus daughter o.o. Iduna by Velasques ( B.:/O .: Julia Kesser ) accepted for the auction .

Hengst v. E.H. Sixtus

Hengst v. E.H. Sixtus

Hengst v. Schwarzgold

Hengst v. Schwarzgold

17th August 2016

E. H. Sixtus grandson qualifies for the stallion market

While sighting in stud Ganschow a colt by Abdullah from an E. H. Sixtus mother qualified for the licensing in occasion of the Trakehner stallion market.

15th August 2016

Hörsteiner blood at CIC ** / * / CCI * in Bad Harzburg

In Bad Harzburg a E.H. Sixtus granddaughter secure the 17th place . In CCI * , federal competition , the nine year old Scarlett ( Z : Klaus Hikade , B .: rider ) was ridden by Anna Sophie Herbert.

In CIC ** there was ninth for Charlotte Sophia Hachmeister with Kassio ( Z .: Isabell Behmann , B .: Charlotte Sophia and Joachim Hachmeister ) . The gelding is a son of Sky Dancer who was born and reared at the stud Hörstein.

15th August 2016

E. H. Cadeau son High Pleasure in second place

In the qualifying competition for U30 FRR - AXA Ostwald TROPHY 2016 in Nettetal - Lobberich , a Intermediaire A , Tobias Nabben reached with High Pleasure of E. H. Cadeau 68.519 % and thus came to the second place.

11th August 2016

Shannon Queen by Couracius best six year olds

In early August Rebecca Gerold and "Queeni" started in Polish Strzegom (Strzegom Summer Tours) at the International CIC1 *. The daughter of Couracius and her young did hold their ground in a large starting field of 46 participants. With the excellent 5th place Shannon Queen was also the best six years old horse. For their dressage they got 54.1 points in the field and in jumping the were without mistakes.

8th August 2016

Gianduia by Tarison successful again

Gianduia was successful with Kai-Steffen Meier again. In Belgium Ciney the daughter of Tarison was in an eventing competition for four years old at the start. Despite a small mistake in jumping Gianduia secured with 24 starters the third place.

31th July 2016

The E. H. Sixtus son Kawango travels to Rio

The successful German Para-dressage rider, Hanne Brenner, and her Kawango by E. H. Sixtus are nominated for the Paralympics in Rio. After the pair won at the German Championships for Para Equestrian Dressage in Grade II, they could decide the nomination itself.

The Fox is the "little" brother of the elite stallion Kasparow.

20th July 2016

Successful Waitaki grandchilds

The six-year Painters Maxim, a grandson of the legendary Waitaki, qualified in Greven for the Federal Championships for six year old eventing horses. He comes from the bred and is owned by Graciela Bruch, Stud Welvert.

Also from the stud Welvert comes the Waitaki granddaughter Pialotta. She was in Standenbühl State Champion of five year old jumpers.

15th July 2016

Bavaria's best Pferdewirtin comes from Hörstein

Our trainees Mareike Messmer has passed her final exam for Pferdewirtin successfully. With a score of 1.5 she was the best in Bavaria.


15th July 2016

Daughter of Octavian is TCN Championess

On July 10, a filly by Octavian out of Highness by Hertug became TCN Championess in the Netherlands. The little stut, who was born on April 1, offers type, has a great topline, a good foundation and an outstanding trot. There is also a great interior. It was registered with 56 points. Breeder is Mrs. Margriet Nikerk, Amstelveen NL

6th July 2016

Two foals by Octavian at the auction of the Federal tournament

A premium-foal b. Octavian o.o Tugga b. EH Sixtus is auctioned on the auction of the Federal tournament on 23 July. The stallion, bred by Manfred Gellhaar (Steinau-Seidenroth) had been qualified in Hörstein.

And also the reserve champion is coming to Hanover. The stallion b. Octavian o.o. Sublime Astree b. Soulman was bred by Diana Grün (Trakehner Gestüt Lindenhof, Gielert).

With a colt by Millenium from Shannon Queen, Couracius is represented as Mother Father. Also E. H. Cadeau can be found as Mother Father with a filly by Insterburg out of Ashley IV.

29th June 2016

About 50 registrations for the Foal Show

The lists of registered colts and fillies are ready and can be viewed online » here.

19th June 2016

Hannelore Brenner and Kawango by E. H. Sixtus are German champions

At the German Championships Para-Equestrian Dressage at stud in Werder Bonhomme / Brandenburg Hannelore Brenner and her Kawango by E. H. Sixtus - Kostolany, (B .: Frederick Isaac, O: horsewoman and Dorte Christensen) became German champions in Grade III. The pair won the championship test with 73 862%, the team task with 68.509% and the long program to African music with 76.5% - it is Brenners 14th Championship title.

Der E.H. Sixtus Sohn Kawango wurde mit Hannelore Brenner Deutscher Meister. Photo: Lars Lewandowski

17th June 2016

Three wins for The Dürer TSF of Waitaki

The Dürer TSF a licensed son of Waitaki (Z .: Dr. Mechthild Bause, stud Inselhof), stepped on the only fünzehnjährigen Sheer Levitin (USA) at the Burgturnier in Norten Hardenberg and secured his young rider there three victories.

8th June 2016

Timetable for the foal show

On Sunday 3rd July, it's time again. About 40 foals will be presented by the Commission in Hörstein for patterning. There will be the first foal crop of premium stallion Octavian, athletic progeny of Waitaki and of course sons and daughters of other proven sires.

9:00 Opening the registration office
10:00 Screening of mare foals

12-13 Lunch Break

13:00 Presentation of Hörsteiner Stallions (then)
13:30 Screening of stallion foals

8th June 2016

Morrigon by Tarison is best of the four-year-old mares

At the Central Mare in the Rhineland was a daughter of Tarison best of four-year olds and older. Morrigan was bred and is owned by Antje Reitz Sommer.

Photo: Lune Jancke

25th May 2016

Finest Spring Blood: colt by Waitaki - Baloubet du Rouet

On May 20, a colt was born by Waitaki - Balou du Rouet - Ile de Bourbon - Furioso II – Ultraschall. The little comes out of the Belle du Rouet by Baloubet du Rouet. Breeder and owner is Dr. Reinmar Payrhuber.

20th May 2016

Another colt by Waitaki

The St.Pr.u. Pr.St.Sternrose v. E. H. Cadeau has brought a colt by Waitaki born on 13 May. The chestnut was bred and is owned by Ursula Kurz.

18th May 2016

8th may filly by Sixtus

On May 10, a filly by E. H. Sixtus o.o.. St.Pr.St. Lyriel SB was born (B. Züchterin Diana Brose / Ringelsdorf). The young lady goes by the name Sixtina SB and is a noble, very sweet and keep on the move.

17th May 2016

The yearling stallions enjoying spring

9th May 2016

Shannon Queen of Couracius is qualified for the World Cup of young eventing horses

The Couracius daughter Shannon Queen got the seventh place in the the long Eventing CCI1 in Wiener Neustadt. As one of the youngest horse in the examination she has qualified for the World Championships for Young Eventing horses in Le Lion d'Anger. She showed a significantly improved dressage and again no mistakes on the ground and in the jumping course.

5th May 2016

E. H. Sixtus daughter best of four-year and older mares in Niedersachsen

Kadenz by E. H. Sixtus was best of four years old or older at the Central Mare Registration in Lower Saxony North West. The mare is out of Königskrone and was bred by Hubertus Dieckert (Asendorf).

Photo: Stephan Bischoff

3rd May 2016

Daughter by Tarison has won her first competiton

Gianduia by Tarison out of Gioia by E. H. Beg xx has won in her first competition. In Belgian Marchington her rider Kai-Steffen Meier guided her threw the eventng for four year old horses to victory.

1st May 2016

E.H. Sixtus Granddaughter glares at her registration

In the central broodmare registration in Schleswig-Holsten, a granddaughter of E.H. Sixtus became second reserve champion. Gladness by All Inclusive out of an E. H. Sixtus mother was bred by Hans-Bunte Wilhlem, Hoffeld.

29th April 2016

Octavian precipitates this breeding season

Full of suspense we waited for the first offspring of our premium stallion Octavian. Now, the first foals are born and show how well the black stallion inherited. Unfortunately the Trakehner breed has to relinquish Octavian this breeding season. He suffered a knee injury and we give him all the time to get back to be completely healthy and stress-resistant with regard to the HLP.

28th April 2016

Colt by Octavian out of Lisky Lily

On April 10, another foal by Octavian was born. The little colt comes from the Lisky Lily and is bread by Christian Zimmermann.

22nd April 2016

E. H. Cadeau son Kamani Hill successfully

In Wermelskirchen Annika Bäumer reached with her seven-year Kamani Hill by E. H. Cadeau -. Lehndorff's (Z .: Daniela Gierhardt, B .: rider) thethird place in dressage competition class M ** freestyle.

21st April 2016

Good news from Shannon Queen

The Couracius daughter Shannon Queen and her rider Rebecca Gerold started last weekend (15.-17.4.) at the International evinting in Palma Nova / ITA.

Theyachieved at the CIC1 * an excellent third rank. After a mixed dressage they started by and managed both the grounds and in the final jumping without a mistake.


20th April 2016

Colt by Sky Walker-Couracius

On April 14, a colt by Sky Walker out of Karvina by Couracius was born. Breeder and owner is Svenja Beckedorf.

19th April 2016

Colt foal by Waitaki

On April 13, a foal by Waitaki was born. The little is out of Persephone by All Inclusive and was bred by Marion Gottschalk.

17th April 2016

Mare foal by Octavia o.o Nobless

Another mare foal by Octavian is out of Nobless by Goldschmidt. It´s bred by Martina Hölzel

13rd April 2016


Our little stallion by E.H. Cadeau o.o Sixtina by E.H. Sixtus is enjoying the first warm days.

11th April 2016

Marefoal by Octavian out of Pr. St. Sky Lady by E.H. Cadeau

Yesterday at the stud Hörstein was another foal born. The little colt descends by Octavian from the Pr. St. Sky Lady by E. H. Cadeau. The foal is very large with very good strong joints.

6th April 2016

Filly by Octavian from the ball Melody

On March 17, the second foal of Octavian was born. The little mare BallFee is bred by Vera Feist.

The mother Ball Melody is a maternal half sister to the licensed Trakehner stallion Ballzauber.

The foal is for sale.

4th April 2016

Colt by Octavian out of Sublime Astree

On Easter Monday, another colt foal by Octavian was born. The foal is out of Sublime Astree by Soulman-Hand in Glove xx and is vital and alert. Breeder's Andrea Wicki, Ennetbaden Switzerland, the foal stands at the Trakehner Gestüt Lindenhof am Berg in Gielert.

28th March 2016

Hengsfohlen von Octavian aus der Ginny von E.H. Sixtus geboren

Schon am 16. März wurde Octavians erster Sohn, Gafar Magic, geboren. Er stammt aus der Stute Ginny von E.H. Sixtus und wurde von Jens und Karin Ravnkilde Jensen gezüchtet.

25th March 2016

E.H. Cadeau Nachkommen Masterpiece und Helene siegten im Freispringcup

Der Hörsteiner Freispringcup am Karfreitag war eine schöne Veranstaltung mit tollen Pferden und über 100 Gästen, die sie sich die Laune auch vom Regen nicht verderben ließen.

Abteilung Drei- und Vierjährige
1. Platz: Prämienstute Masterpiece v. E.H. Cadeau a.d. Moorea v. Angard (Z./.B.: Marianne Fichtelmann, Trautskirchen). Wertnote 8.5.
2. Platz: Weltava v. Hirtentanz a.d. Winona v. Ockvet (B. Franz Glasbrenner, Lampertheim). Wertnote 8.25.
3. Platz Varos v. Tarison a. d. Verona v. E.H. Cadeau (Z. Manfred Gellhaar/ B. Gestüt Hörstein) Wertnote 8.0.
3. Platz Ulana v. Abendtanz a.d. Uchte v. Roncalli xx (Z./B. Edith Kesser, Waldalgesheim) Wertnote.8.0.

Abteilung Fünfjährige und Älterere
1. Platz Helene v. E.H. Cadeau a.d. Heloise v. Guy Laroche (Z./B. Karl Heinz Kesser, Waldalgesheim) Wertnote 8.5.
2. Platz Uchena v. E.H. Cadeau a.d. Heloise v.Guy Laroche (Z./B. Edith Kesser, Waldalgesheim). Wertnote 8.25.
3. Platz Rufus v. E.H. Sixtus a.d. Apart v. Marduc (Z. Mara König/B. Corinna Wolf, Kleinheubach) Wertote 8.0.

23rd March 2016

Happy Easter

The stud Hörstein wishes everyone happy and relaxed Easter Holidays!

23rd March 2016

The first Hörsteiner foal of the year

A beautiful pre-Easter gift came last night to the world: A stallion foal by E. H. Cadeau o.o. .Sixtina by E.H.Sixtus.

21st March 2016

The Dürer of Waitaki was successful in Mannheim

Michael Jung won with the Trakehner stallion Der Dürer TSF by Waitaki (B./O. .: Dr. Mechthild Bause) in Mannheim-Neckarau the two-phase jumping and was in another S * level test with a clear round in third place.

14th March 2016

E. H. Cadeau son and E. H. Sixtus grandson successfully in Mönchengladbach

At Schloss Wickrath the EQUIVA Dressage Gala 2016 was held. Tobias Nabben and the E. H. Cadeau-son, High Pleasure, (Z. Hubertus Dieckert, B .: Anna Den) reached in the Dressage competition class S *** junior Grand Prix reached the second place. The ten-year E.H. Sixtus-son Acanthus (Z .: Dr. Martin Mehrtens, B .: Dorothee Lieven) and his rider Ursula Kufner were sixth in dressage competition class S ** -. Intermediaire I.

8th March 2016

News for free jumping competiton

For the free jumping competiton on March 25 were registered the offspring sof uccessful jumping stallions. Represented are the stallions E. H. Sixtus, Tarison, Hirtentanz, Abendtant, Phlox and E.H. Cadeau and Kentucky.

6th March 2016

March 6 Axis TSF by E. H. Sixtus wins in Luxembourg

At the CDN Beaufort in Luxembourg Terhi Stegars and Axis TSF (B .: Ewald Hartmann, O .: Tanja Kayser and Terhi Stegars) won the Grand Prix on Friday. On Sunday afternoon, the Finn then joined with the E. H. Sixtus son in the freestyle. Again, the victory went the pair. 77.688 percent called it and therefore there was for the pair the highest achieved so far at a freestyle score.

Also in Lier, the pair was successful. They came in the Grand Prix with 69.640% to place. 3 In the freestyle, the elegant couple even made up one place and finished with 75.400% Second.

28th February 2016

Octavian first foal is born

Today the first foal of our premium stallion Octavian has been born. The mare is out of Kaiserin by E.H.Lehndorff and is a very typey black horse. Breeder and owner is Stefan Schümann.

12th February 2016

Sabary by E. H. Sixtus is no longer living

Sabary by E. H. Sixtus o.o. Shynoon by Highnoon died at the age of 22 years. The approved stallion was born in the in Stud Hörstein and moved in 1996 in French possession, covering the years 1998 and 2000 in Germany. Twelve registered daughters , two and two St.Pr.u.Pr.St Pr.St. are his breeding balance , two of his offspring are successful in dressage on medium level .

27th January 2016

News for free jumping competition

Dr. Hans-Peter Karp was recruited as judges for the free jumping competition on 25 March at the stud Hörstein. He will judge from 13 clock up to 20 Trakehner. The choice of start legitimate horses will take place after the receipt of notifications.

It costs 10 euros, entry deadline is March 20, eligible are only Trakehner. Between 10 and 12 clock the way the horses to show the cracks, or to accustom young horses on the jumps.

Also shown are the stallions of the stud.

25th January 2016

Stallion Catalogue 2016

From now you can order the new Stallion Catalogue 2016. Write us an email or call us.

Email: or Fon: +49 (0) 6023 1641

» Download Hengstkatalog 2016 (Or click on the picture on the left) .

22nd January 2016

Foal examination ist scheduled on 3rd July 2016

Traditionally every summer there is a foal examination with foal market and a stallion presentation taking place at the stud farm Hörstein. The event is not only for breeders with their foals. Also rearers on the scout for youngsters with high potential and trakehner fans have this appointment in the calendar. It is a big opportunity to buy foals directly from the breeder. Also the presentation of the stud-owned stallions is not only interesting for breeders. They are a impressive sight. In the last years around 40 foals have been presented. The examination was realised by Lars Gehrmann, head of the breeding board, and the expert Erhard Schulte.

This year the foal show is on Sunday the 3rd July. More Information will follow. Photos and results from the last years are » here.

22nd January 2016

Hörsteiner free jumping competition with Stallion Presentation

On March 25, it's that time again. On the stud Hörstein a free jumping cup is discharged. Between 10 and 12 o`clock it is possible to show the horses the jumps, or to accustom young horses on the jumps. From 13 o`clock then the free jumping competition begins.

Also shown are the stallions of the stud.

20th January 2016

Our stallions in the calendar

The photographer Nadine Harms has made pictures of E.H. Cadeau, E.H. Sixtus and Octavian for their calendars. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

The calendar can be found at:

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

The stud Hörstein wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2015 was a year full of successes for the stallions of Hörstein and their offspring! Now we are looking forward with all our customers and friends of the stud to further success in 2016.

10th December 2015

Hörsteiner trainees wins the federal skills competition

The Federal Trade Competition is a kind of "German Championship of trainees". Also the contest reflects the trainers and their teaching skills.

This year, the South German youth presented particularly strong. In the competition, which was held in late November in the German Riding School in Warendorf, won the Bavarian team. With the team the Hörsteiner trainee, Mareike Messmer, was (breeding) winning.


3rd December 2015

Successful season for Shannon Queen by Couracius

Shannon Queen came under Rebecca Gerold at the Styrian Championship eventing of rural riders with the team to the silver medal. Quite impressed by the mare is also known eventer and -trainerin Lucinda Green from England. Lucinda is the head coach of the eventer Austria and rode at a squad training on the daughter of Couracius. Your comment: "A very intelligent horse that always cooperates independently in the field".

Michael Graf MIKEs FotoGRAFie

1st December 2015

E. H. Cadeau on the title

Our elite stallion Cadeau is the title star of the new Trakehner magazine. The sixteen year old sire had been awarded on the Trakehner stallion market the title of "Trakehner Stallion of the Year 2015".

19th November 2015

E. H. Sixtusgrandson successfully at 70-day test in Schlieckau

Undercover out of a E.H.Sixtus mother (B .: Günter Bertelmann, O .: RainerKasch) got the70-day trial an overall score of 7.76 (dressage score 7.44, / HLP-ZW 99, with emphasis on jumping 7.73 , HLP-ZW 84)

16th November 2015

Sky Walker goes on Trakehnerhof St. Vitus

The six-year old Sky Walker was sold to Simone Lindemeir-Trippel. The Hörsteiner stallion is stationed at the stud St. Vitus. The Hörsteiner team wishes the home-bred stallion and his new owner all the best.

10th November 2015

High Pleasure by E. H. Cadeau successfully again

Tobias Nabben placed the ten-year EH Cadeau son, High Pleasure (Z .: Hubertus Dieckert, B .: Anna Den), in Mönchengladbach-Abtshof in dressage competition class S *** -. Intermediaire II - with 65.044% at Rank 6.

10th November 2015

E.H Sixtus grandson succesfull in Grand Prix Tour

In Belgian Lier the ten year old approved stallions Aston Martin from an EH Sixtus mother (Z .: Johnny Sörensen u. Lone Andersen, DK) was in the Grand Prix tour under its Danish owner Helen Melsen at the start. Ranked 15 in qualifying, the couple increased with smooth 71% in 7th place in the freestyle.

21st October 2015

Trakehner Stallion Market 2015

For the 53st International Trakehner Stallion Market again breeders, owners and friends of the Trakehner horse from around the world getting together in the Holstenhallen Neumünster to experience the best horses of the Trakehner breed. As every year, they saw great horses, where Hörsteiner blood flows.

Trakehner Stallion of the Year: Tribute to E. H. Cadeau

Every year the Trakehner Association honors a particularly deserved Sire as the “Trakehner Stallion of the Year”. During the gala show the new Trakehner Stallion of the Year – the Hörsteiner E.H. Cadeau - was presented by the Hörsteiner Pferdewirtschaftsmeister Stefan Anspach.

40 premium mares, 15 state premium mares, 5 licensed sons and a total of 173 sport horses, including several who are successful in the heavy class: The only 16-year-old E.H, Cadeau v. Silver Moon A.D. Cortina v. E. H. Caprimond pulled by Jens Skude in Skovbygaard (Denmark), is a stallion which "are met with great sympathy by the breeders," says Lars Gehrmann, breeding director of the Trakehner Association. "He's one of the few stallions in total merit, which was able to unite long legs, format, size and importance with beauty, nobility and charisma over the years."

2001 Wolgang Diehm and stud manager Dirk Jörß had discovered the winning exceptional stallion with fantastic interior on the Trakehner stallion market and brought him to the stud Hörstein. "Here he completed a great success story and continues to do so," Lars Gehrmann said during the ceremony. "This is a great moment for a great sire whose daughters have already made history. Its great strengths he has as the mare-maker - with 99 registered daughters he is very well represented". The entire Hörsteiner team is looking forward about this great success.

Second price spike from an E.H. Cadeau mother

Sir Samoa Millennium from Susuya of E.H. Cadeau (Z.: Norbert Timm, stud Hohenschmark) is a full brother of Sir Zanzibar, the impressive champion of the Trakehner licensing in 2014, and belongs to the famous family of Shannon Symphony xx. The noble brown stallion convinced the Licensing Committee and was slammed for 240,000 Euros to Lower Saxony. He was the second most expensive stallion at the auction.

Sixtus daughters go to USA

The seven-year old Pr.St. Olala of E.H. Sixtus from Osterfreude (Z.: Harald Riedl) has changed for 17,500 euros to owners from the United States. The athletic brown mare reaped big attention during the Trakehner Federal Mare Show Neustadt / Dosse 2014 attention whre she won the final of the Spring classes. The dam line of Olala has also produced the Hörsteiner premium stallion Octavian.

Even the strong moving filly High Destiny of E.H. Sixtus from a Heops-nut (Z.: Dirk Kiewald) was sold at the auction in the United States. Her pedigree gives hope for a successful future in the sport, because her father E.H. Sixtus and her Mother Father Heops were on the highly successful in the course. Maternal it also goes back to the S-dressage stallion Kleostro.

18th October 2015

Elite Stallion status for Sixtus grandson

Two stallions get on the occasion of the Trakehner Stallion Market the predicate as Elite Stallion (Elite Hengst) – E.H. - because they stand for sportiness and hereditary power. One of the stallions is Oliver Twist by Monteverdi from a Sixtus nut (B.: Insa Ruprecht, O.: Gestüt Heinen - Issum ), a premium stallion at the licensing of 2003. The chic dark brown Horse already yielded five licensed sons, whom get his great type, its quality of movement and his impeccable character. Among the Champion Stallion and World Cup participant 2011 Grand Passion, Singolo, Hellinger, Home Park Kobalt and Sir Oliver .

12th October 2015

Octavian in preparation for his stallion performance test

After his licensing occasion at the Trakehner Stallion Market last year, the three and a half years old premium stallion Octavian successfully completed his training with his rider Astrid Fischbach.

After a successful breeding season the beautiful black horse will be intensively prepared for his stallion performance test in the coming spring. In training the Millennium son always convincing with its docility and its high sensitivity to the aid of his rider. The young stallion already mastered his first jumps with a lot of joy and talent.

10th October 2015

Axis TSF is the Trakehner of the year 2015

The 16-year-old E.H. Sixtus son Axis TSF bred by Ewald Hartmann was elected as the Trakehner of the Year. The 2010 approved stallion is highly successful in dressage and is considered a figurehead of the Trakehner horses in sport.

The son of E.H. Sixtus convince with his rider Terhi Stegars at the European Championships in Rotterdam and Aachen, at the world championships in Caen and at the World Cup finals 2015 in Las Vegas.

His HLP the beautiful black stallion, which in type and habit decisively by his father E.H. Sixtus, graduated with the impressive score of 122.95 points (126.98 in dressage and 110.17 in jumping). 2009 he effortless entry into Grand Prix sports and was included in the Finnish national squad.

And the descendants of Axis TSF - including several licensed sons - convince with sporting top performances. His powerful son Hirtentanz with his immense jumping power has already become one of the most valuable dual purpose Trakehner sire.

30th September 2015

E. H. Cadeau daughter convinces

The three year old Masterpiece v. E. H. Cadeau A.D. Moorea v. E. H. Angard (B: Frank Schnittker, O: Marianne Fichtelmann ) finished her mare performance test in Bavaria with a rating score of 8.72 . For her rideability and free jumping she received a 9.0. At the Central Mare Masterpiece excelled again over the jump and became the best jumping mare. At the end she was added with 53.5 points and was awarded as "Premium Mare" - it is already the 42nd Premium Mare of E.H. Cadeau.

19th August 2015

Hörsteiner offspring is qualified for the stallion market

Tattoo by Herbstkönig- E.H.Cadeau. Photo: Beate Langels

On the stud Rettinahof the Hörsteiner stallion Tattoo by Herbstkönig, out of Tacco by E.H. Cadeaz, has got his approval for the Trakehner stallion market. The brown stallion is bred by the family Gellhaar (Steinau).

17th August 2015

E. H. Cadeau daughter is the winner foal

On the Trakehner foal championships of the breeding district Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg a filly of E.H. Cadeau a.d. Saphira II v. E.H. Lehndorff 's (B. a. O.: Norbert Grimm, Grebin ) declared as the winner foal. Her mother, the breeding-proven St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Saphira II, was born at Gestüt Hörstein. She belongs to the family of Shannon Symphony xx and is the grandmother of Sir Sansibar, the impressive champion of the Trakehner Körung 2014, and the mother of Seraphin v. E.H. Cadeau, the fifth licensed E.H. Cadeau son.

15th August 2015

E. H. Sixtus son Axis TSF and Terhi Stegars in the Top 20 of Europe

Once more Terhi Stegars and her black stallion Axis TSF (Z.: Ewald Hartmann, B.: Tanya Kayser & Terhi Stegars) demonstrated their qualities in the Grand Prix Special at the European Championships in Aachen in front of a huge crowd: with a score of 69.636 % the successful pair reached rank 20 among Europe's best.

14th August 2015

Happy Birthday, lieber Herr Jörß, und alles Gute weiterhin!

Gestütsleiter Dirk Jörß hält unserem Gestüt Hörstein seit fast 40 Jahren die Treue. Eine gigantische Zeitspanne, in der er nun schon unermüdlich für uns im Einsatz ist. Persönliche Freizeit? Für Dirk Jörß ein Fremdwort. Er hat sich mit Leib und Seele der Trakehner-Zucht (und dem Gestüt Hörstein) verschrieben. Wir sagen: „Danke lieber Herr Jörß für Ihr tolles Engagement, wir haben Ihnen außerordentlich viel zu verdanken“.

Am 14. August 2015 feiert Herr Jörß seinen 70. Geburtstag. Wir gratulieren ihm zu diesem runden Jubiläum von ganzem Herzen und wünschen ihm vor allem Gesundheit und persönliches Wohlergehen.

12th August 2015

Octavian is a full success

The Millennium son Octavian is making very good progress in training. The highly attentive stallion learns quickly and wants to do everything right. His great character and his philanthropy delighted his trainer Astrid Fischbach every day. "At every ride Octavian conjures me a smile on my face," raves his trainer. The young stallion will prepare with calm and serenity for his future endeavors as a riding horse and for the HLP. The Hörsteiner stallion was very well received by the breeders.

9th August 2015

Success for E. H. Sixtus great-granddaughter Sivari

Ridden by Mira Sack the four years old mare Sivari by Redecker, great-granddaughter of elite stallion E.H. Sixtus, received top grades in District Championships of young dressage horses in Caldern. At the end Sivari (reserve champion of the Central Stutbucheintragung) won the title of the four to five year old dressage horses.