Traditional foal examination with foal market and stallion presentation

The Hörsteiner Foal Championships have been among the highlights of the annual breeding season for years. Not only the presentation of the top foals, this event is known. The particularly warm hospitality of the Hörsteiner team and the exemplary organization are an incentive for many breeders and numerous visitors for a "journey" to Hörstein.

This year's foal championship will take place on Saturday, June 16, 2018.

Nearly 40 registrations for the Foal Show

The lists of registered colts and fillies are ready and can be viewed online here.

» Foal Show 2018 (pdf)

06th July 2017
EH Sixtus says goodbye with a promising foal crop

The two renowned sires EH Cadeau and EH Sixtus proved their quality once again at Hörstein’s foal show on 2nd July 2017. Both of them provided each the winner and the second reserve-winner of the fillies and colts. During the event, 28-year-old EH Sixtus was retired from active breeding.

This year’s Hörstein foal show was especially festive, as the long-standing main sire of the stud, EH Sixtus, was retired from active breeding at the age of 28 years. The noble black horse has put forth many licensed stallions, more than 150 registered brood mares and victorious sport horses of different disciplines. “EH Sixtus has been one of the most successful Trakehner sires of the last years”, said stud manager Dirk Jörß. Apart from his breeder Manfred Blomeyer and his long-standing handler Stefan Anspach, the breeding director of the Trakehner association, Lars Gehrmann, also came to the festive tribute.

Once again, his current foal crop showed the quality of EH Sixtus. With a foal of Sky Lady by EH Cadeau-Habicht (breeder: stud farm Hörstein) and a son of High Fly by Mephisto-Ora (b.: Peter Heinzerling, Gladenbach) he provided both the winner and the second reserve-winner of the stud farm’s colts. Reserve-winner was a Tarison-son of Donauschwalbe (b.: Claudia Fröhlich, Darmstadt).

The proven Hörstein sire EH Cadeau had the same success. One of his descendants became the winner of the fillies, a foal of Sixtina by EH Sixtus-EH Lehndorff’s (b.: stud farm Hörstein). The second reserve-winner is also a daughter of EH Cadeau’s. This filly comes of Herbstblume by Pricolino-Lafayette (b.: Werner Layendecker, Veitsrodt). The reserve-winner was provided by Waitaki, a foal of Time at Time xx by Alwuhishxx-Lagunas xx (b.: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen).

The best filly by other stud farms’ stallions was an Ivanhoe-daughter (b.: Anja Schattling, Waigandshain). Reserve-winners are a foal by Helium-EH Cadeau-EH Sixtus (b.: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth) and a filly by Perpignan Noir (b.: Ursula Fischer, Schotten). This stallion also provided the second reserve-winner within the fillies, from the breeding line EH Cadeau-EH Lehndorff’s (b.: Karl Ochsner, Linz), as well as the winner within the colts, a grandson of EH Cadeau’s (b.: Patricia Pröscher, Schotten). A foal by Schwarzgold (b.: Dr. Theo Schneider, Beselich-Obertiefenbach) became reserve-winner, second reserve-winner is a colt by High Motion (b: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen).

Before the lunch break the sires of the stud farm Hörstein presented themselves in a stallion show. The event is especially interesting, because foals can be purchased directly from the breeder, without dues.

The winners and premiere foals are listed here:

Stutfohlen eigene Hengste

Sieger: EHCadeau a.d. Pr.St. Sixtina v. EH Sixtus a.d. Pr.St. Soiree v. EH Lehndorff’s Z.: Gestüt Hörstein Kopfnummer 14

Reservesieger: Waitaki a.d. Time at Time xx v. Alwuhush xx a.d. The Timing xx v. Lagunas xx Z.: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen Kopfnummer 18

Zweiter Reservesieger: EH Cadeau a.d. Herbstblume v. Pricolino a.d. Halinda v. Lafayette Z.: Werner Layendecker, Veisrodt Kopfnummer 16 – verkäuflich

Hengstfohlen eigene Hengste

Sieger: EH Sixtus a.d. Pr.St. Sky Lady v. EH Cadeau a.d. Pr.u.E.St. Serenade v. Habicht Z.: Gestüt Hörstein Kopfnummer 25

Reservesieger: Tarison a.d. Donauschwalbe v. Songline a.d. Donna Arentina v. Arentino Z.: Claudia Fröhlich, Darmstadt Kopfnummer 23 – verkäuflich

Zweiter Reservesieger: EH Sixtus a.d. High Fly v. Mephisto a.d. Henriette v. Oranien v. Ora Z.: Peter Heinzerling, Gladenbach Kopfnummer 26 – verkäuflich

Stutfohlen fremde Hengste

Sieger: Ivanhoe a.d. Minzrose v. Banderas a.d. Minzblatt v. Herzruf Z.: Anja Schattling, Waigandshain Kopfnummer 11 – verkäuflich

Reservesieger: Helium a.d. Tacco v. EH Cadeau a.d. Tugga v. EH Sixtus Z.: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau - Seidenroth Kopfnummer 8 – verkäuflich

Reservesieger: Perpignan Noir a.d. Olivia v. Angard a.d. Osterglocke v. Heuriger Z.: Ursula Fischer, Schotten Kopfnummer 3 – verkäuflich

Zweiter Reservesieger: Perpignan Noir a.d. Pr.St. Sternfee v. EH Cadeau a.d. Pr.St. Soiree v. EH Lehndorff’s Z.: Karl Ochsner, Linz Kopfnummer 2

Prämien: Millenium a.d. Pr.St. Picoletta v. EH Cadeau a.d. Papagena v. Starway Z.:Vanessa Eckert, Runkel Kopfnummer 4

Prämien: Asagao xx a.d. St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Ce la Luna v. EH Monteverdi a.d. Charisma v. Chronist Z.: Tina Martin, Ötisheim Kopfnummer 5

Prämien: Helium a.d. St.Pr. u. Pr.St. S hahira v. EH Anduc a.d. St.Pr. u. Pr.St. Shanara v. Monteverdi Z.: Udo Schmittberger, Schotten Kopfnummer 7 – verkäuflich

Hengstfohlen fremde Hengste

Sieger: Perpignan Noir a.d. Felisha v. EH Cadeau a.d. Filia v. Consul Z.: Patricia Pröscher, Schotten Kopfnummer 41

Reservesieger: Schwarzgold a.d. Königsblüte v. Latimer a.d. Karena v. Kennedy Z.: Dr. Theo Schneider, Beselich - Obertiefenbach Kopfnummer 37 – verkäuflich

Zweiter Reservesieger: High Motion a.d. Noblesse v. Goldschmied a.d. Neretva v. Tanzmeister Z.: Martina Hölzel, Bebenhausen Kopfnummer 28 – verkäuflich

Prämien: Münchhausen a.d. Ulanka v. EH Chardonnay a.d. E.St. Ucara v. Guy Laroche Z.: Georg Wagner, Kurscheid Kopfnummer 33 – verkäuflich

Prämien: Titulus a.d. Belle Francaise v. I care d’Olympe AA a.d. Belle Surprise v. VerdenasZ.: Simone Schönbeck, Neunkirchen - Seelscheid Kopfnummer 36 – verkäuflich

Prämien: Schwarzgold a.d. Habanara v. Halimey Go a.d. Herzdame v. HohensteinZ.: Horst Briel, Hatzfeld - Eifa Kopfnummer 39 – verkäuflich

Prämien: Schwarzgold a.d. Parade Go v. Maizauber a.d. Paquita v. TurnusZ.: Rosemarie und Manfred König, Weimar/Marburg Kopfnummer 40 – verkäuflich

The foal show 2017 will take place on Sunday July 2nd from 9 o`clock on the stud Hörstein.

Traditionally every summer there is a foal examination with foal market and a stallion presentation taking place at the stud farm Hörstein. The event is not only for breeders with their foals. Also rearers on the scout for youngsters with high potential and trakehner fans have this appointment in the calendar. It is a big opportunity to buy foals directly from the breeder. Also the presentation of the stud-owned stallions is not only interesting for breeders. They are a impressive sight.
The screening and awarding was carried out by Lars Gehrmann , the breeding manager of the Trakehner Verband and the expert Erhard Schulte .


On Sunday 2nd July, it's time again. About 40 foals will be presented by the Commission in Hörstein for patterning.

Foal Show 2017

The lists of registered colts and fillies are ready and can be viewed online here.

» Foal Show 2017(pdf)

3th July 2016
Octavian delivers a brilliant performance with his first foal crop

Hörstein’s foal show got dominated by the offsprings of the young premium stallion Octavian. He provided each winner and reserve-winner within the fillies and colts as well as another premiere colt.

On the whole, this year’s Hörstein foal show was quite perfect. The weather was in everyone’s favor, lots of visitors came along and all mares and foals were outstandingly presented themselves. To the joy of the owner of the stud farm, Wolfgang Diehm, especially the first foal crop of his premiere stallion Octavian stood out in an excellent manner.

With a filly of Nobless by Goldschmidt-Tanzmeister (breeder: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen) and a colt of Sky Lady by EH Cadeau-Habicht (breeder: stud farm Hörstein) the noble black horse provided the winners. As if that was not enough, the two reserve winners also descend from Octavian. For the mares it is the foal of Kaiserin by EH Lehndorff’s-Mahagoni (breeder: Herbert-Stefan Schümann, Kirchhain) and for the stallions it is the foal of Sublime Astree by Soulman-Hand in Glove xx (breeder: Trakehner stud farm Lindenhof). With yet another premiere foal of Tugga by EH Sixtus-Condus (breeder: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth) the young sire nearly exceeded all expectations. “We hoped for the best and it’s an outstanding pleasure that the foals presented themselves in this excellent way”, Dirk Jörß said.

The breeding director was also satisfied with the offspring of Hörstein’s stallion Tarison – he provided three premiere foals.

With the second reserve winner as well as another premiere colt the proven E.H. Cadeau could again demonstrate his class. The athletic Waitaki scored with two premiere foals as well.

“An amazing age group of our stallions”, Dirk Jörß summed up.

Within the foals of stallions from other stud farms yet another stallion asserts himself with his first age group: Honoré du Soir provided the winner foal within the mares (breeder: Dirk Schmitt, Schotten). Reserve winner was a mare of Ivanhoe (breeder: Michael Klein, Reichenbach-Steegen) and a half blood mare of Chiron xx-EH Cadeau-EH Sixtus (breeder: Manfredd Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth). The winner within the stallions descends from Hirtentanz. Honoré du Soir also provided the reserve winner within the stallions.

The foal show on the stud farm Hörstein is not just the day of registration. Due to the stallion show before the lunch break the event is also interesting for the next breeding decisions. Above all there is always the chance to buy a foal directly from the breeder – without dues. This year, five foals got sold during the event. Two of them are going to Sweden.

Subsequent the winner and premiere foals:

Fillies (own stallions)

Winner: Octavian out of Nobless by Goldschmidt out of Neretva by Tanzmeister B.: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen
Catalogue number 14

Reservesieger: Octavian out of Kaiserin by EH Lehndorff's out of Kandia by Mahagoni, B.: Herbert-Stefan Schümann, Kirchhain
Catalogue number 13

Premium foal: Tarison out of Ascara by Lafayette out of Arielle by Kostolany, B.: Manfred Junkert, Egelsbachk)
Catalogue number 21

Premium foal: Tarisonout of Imara by Hope of Heaven out of Iduna by Velasquez, B.: Julia Kesser, Waldalgesheim
Catalogue number 19 - verkäuflich

Premium foal: Tarisonout of Pr.St. Thalea by EH Cadeau out of Pr.St. Tugga by EH Sixtus, B.: Udo Schmidt, Steinau
Catalogue number 20 - verkäuflich


Hengstfohlen eigene Hengste

Winner: Octavian out of Sky Lady by EH Cadeau out of E.St. Serenade by Habicht, B.: Gestüt Hörstein
Catalogue number 25

Reservesieger: Octavian out of Sublime Astree by Soulman out of Sternschnuppe by Hand in Glove xx, B.: Diana Grün, Trakehner Gestüt Lindenhof, Gielert
Catalogue number 22 – verkäuflich

Zweiter Reservesieger: EH. Cadeau out of Esperana by Seeräuber out of Esprit by Flaneur, B.: Artur Rüggeberg, Ennepetal
Catalogue number 29 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: Octavian out of Tugga by EH Sixtus out of Toffifee von Condus, B.: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth
Catalogue number 23 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: EH Cadeauout of Sixtina by EH Sixtus out of Pr.u.St.Pr. Soiree by EH Lehndorff's, B.: Gestüt Hörstein
Catalogue number 27

Waitaki out of Persephone by All Inclusive out of Petax by Beg xx, B.: Marion Gottschalk, Bruchköbel
Catalogue number 30

Premium foal: Waitaki out of St.Pr. U. Pr.St. Sternrose by EH Cadeau out of Sternblüte by Holunder, B.: Ursula Kurz, Kriftel
Catalogue number 31 – verkäuflich

Stutfohlen fremde Hengste

Winner: Honoré du Soir out of Partienja by Kentucky out of Partin by Kostolany,B.: Dirk Schmidt, Schotten
Catalogue number 2 – Verkäuflich

Reservesieger: Ivanhoe out of Rising Sun by Hofrat a. d. Rominten by Manrico, B.: Michael Klein, Reichenbach-Steegen
Catalogue number 4

Reservesieger: Chiron xx out of Tacco by EH Cadeau, out of Tugga by EH Sixtus, B.: Manfred Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth
Catalogue number 5 - verkäuflich

Premium foal: Sir Sansibar out of Heloise by Guy Laroche out of High Day by Amadeus, B.: Julia Kesser, Waldalgesheim
Catalogue number 1

Premium foal: Marseille out of St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Habanosa by Halimey Go out of Herzdame by EH Hohenstein, B.:Horst Briel, Hatzfeld
Catalogue number 9 - verkäuflich

Hengstfohlen fremde Hengste

Winner: Hirtentanz out of Iduna by Velasquez out of Idee by Kallistos AA, B.: Julia Kesser, Waldalgesheim
Catalogue number 38 – verkäuflich

Reservesieger: Honoré du Soir out of Donaufischerin by Donaufischer out of Donaukaiserin by Hohenstein, B.: Dirk Schmidt, Schotten
Catalogue number 50 - verkäuflich

Premium foal: Herzensdieb out of Helene by Insterburg out of Hochmeisterin by Tivano, B.: Werner Nitz, Gladenbach
Catalogue number 41 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: Schwarzgold out of Pr.u.St.Pr.St. Shahira by Anduc out of Shanara by Monteverdi, B.: Udo Schmittberger, Schotten
Catalogue number 42 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: Schwarzgold out of Kaluna by Solero out of Karlotta by EH Lehndorff's, B.: Herbert-Stefan Schümann, 3Kirchhein
Catalogue number 43

Premium foal: Sir Sansibar out of Ashanti by Hirtentanz out of Ascara by Lafayette, B.: Manfred Junkert, Egelbach
Catalogue number 44 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: Honore du Soir out of Parade Go by Maizauber out of Paquito by Turnus, B.: Rosemarie und Manfred König, Weimar/Lahn
Catalogue number 47 – verkäuflich

Premium foal: High Motion out of Pr.St. Unforgettable by Prince Patmos out of Pr.u.E.St. Umbra, B.: Alexandra Becker, Zellingen
Catalogue number 49 - verkäuflich

5th Juli 2015
Winner foals are honored

On sunday the 5th Juli at the stud hörstein the traditionel foal registration with foal market and stallion presentation was taking place. Now the winner and the placed foals are ascertains.

Mare foals by Hörsteiner stallions

Winner: by E.H. Sixtus out of Pr.St. Sky Lady by EH Cadeau out of St.Pr.u.Pr.Mare Serenade (B.: Gestüt Hörstein). Number: 13

Second Place: by E.H. Sixtus out of St.Pr.u.Pr.Mare Shanara by Monteverdi out of St.Pr. Mare Silona by. EH Caprimond (B.: Verena Bischoff, Schotten). Number: 14

Third Place: by Waitaki out of Haminga by Etindas Eskado out of Helena by Espadron (B.: Dr. Reinmar Payrhuber, Burkhardroth-Zahlbach). Number: 15

Stallion Foals by Hörsteiner Stallions

Winner: by Tarison out of Time at Time xx by AL Wuhush xx out of The Timing xx by Lagunas xx (B.: Martina Hölzel, Babenhausen). Number: 19

Second Place: by E.H. Sixtus out of Verona by EH Cadeau out of Valipolar by Polargeist (B.: Familie Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth). Number: 23

Premium foal: by Tarison out of Pr.St. Thalea by EH Cadeau out of Pr.St. Tugga by EH Sixtus (B.: Udo Schmidt, Steinau). Number 20

Premium foal: by E.H. Cadeau out of Pr.St. Sixtina ba EH Sixtus out of St.Pr.u.Pr.Mare. Soiree by EH Lehndorff (B.: Gestüt Hörstein). Number: 24

Premium foal: by Waitaki out of St.Pr.u.Pr. Mare Sternrose by E.H. Cadeau out of Sternblüte by Holunder (B.: Ursula Kurz, Kriftel). Number: 27

Premium foal: by Waitaki out of Orli by Palladium out of Orlanda by Hrust (B.: Brigitte Krieglstein, Burkhardroth). Number: 28 Mare foals by other stallions

Winner: by Meggle's Grimani out of Pr.Mare. Kalunaby. Solero out of Pr.Mare Karlotta by E.H. Lehndorff´s (B.: Herbert-Stefan Schümann, Kirchhain). Number 7

Second Place:: by Imhotep out of Pr. Mare Tacco by E.H. Cadeau out of Tugga by E.H. Sixtus (B.: Familie Gellhaar, Steinau-Seidenroth). Number 1

Third Place: by Schwarzgold out of St.Pr. u. Pr. Mare. Shahira by Anduc out of Shanara by Monteverdi (B.: Verena Bischoff-Schmittberger, Schotten). Number 4

Stallion foals by other stallions

Winner: by Bystro out of E.St. Umbra by Herzkristall out of Ulana by Louidor (B.: Alexandra Becker, Zellingen). Number 32

Second Place: by Imhotep out of Tahara by E.H. Cadeau out of Tamina by E.H. Consul (B.: Dirk Schmidt, Schotten). Number: 31

Reservesieger: von Marseille out of Habanosa by Halimey Go out of Herzdame by E.H. Hohenstein (B.: Horst Briel, Hatzfeld). Catalogue number: 33

Second Place: by Marseille out of Habanosa by Halimey Go out of Herzdame by E.H. Hohenstein (B.:by von Schwarzgold out of Parade Go by Maizauber out of Paquita by Turnus (B.: Rosemarie und Manfred König, Weimar/Lahn). Catalogue number: 35

Third Place: by Le Rouge out of St.u.Pr. Mare. Solea Biaska by Biotop out of Stradivari by Kostolany (B.: Roswitha Kottmann, Elsoff). Number: 39

Impressions from 2014

Further pictures of the foal market and the stallion presentation are located here.

Impressions from 2013

Photographer: Conny Schönewald