Once upon a time...

... at the edge of the forest, at the top of the mountain called Königsberg, with a view all the way to Frankfurt, the gleaming white hunting lodge still stands. It is here where it all started more than 40 years ago. The successful construction expert Adam Dreßler, deeply rooted in the work and joy of his parents' farm, fulfilled one of his childhood dreams. He started buying lot after lot, which then grew into the vineyard and then the stud farm.The first ten horses were Lippizans followed by breeding a few Hanoverians.
His daughter Christa soon shared his passion for horses. In just a few years, Adam Dreßler was able to use his passion and understanding of horses and the business to create a stud farm which represents a harmonious link between nature, naturalness, and practicality. This horse estate is a jewel among the modern stud farms due to its broad layout and harmonious design.

Hörstein and Trakehner breeding

Dr. Fritz Schilke, whom Adam Dreßler met accidentally at the stallion approval in Hanover, was the one who suggested breeding Trakehners at Hörstein. Completely convinced and spellbound by the idea, Adam Dreßler laid the cornerstone for one of the most successful Trakehner breeding centres, which today is managed by daughter Christa and her husband Wolfgang Diehm, both of whom invest a lot of love and passion into the estate themselves. Dr. Eberhard von Velsen turned out to be a great consultant as well as a good friend.
The first stallion from Hörstein was called Mikado (by Impuls out of Mirabell by Maigraf), followed by the foundation sire Herbststurm (by Komet out of Herbstgold by Totilas). Among the outstanding stallions of the equine centre was Habicht, purchased by Mr. Diehm. Habicht was the winner of the 1970 stallion performance test in Westercelle, 1977 winning stallion at the Central Stallion Exhibition Schwaiganger, winner of the advanced class of the International Eventing Competition at Achselschwang, and he achieved many other victories and placements up advanced level eventing.
The insemination and stud centre has gained a reputation of its own, not only in Germany but in other European countries as well. However, the boxes were also occupied by mares with some very impressive pedigrees such as the DLG mare Amadine (by Traumgeist xx) and the two Traumgeist xx daughters Magnani and Mira. The DLG champion mare Rastenburg (by Isländer), the mother of the stallions Ricardo (by Index) and Rombinus (by Karneval), the bay Ulanka (by Rosenberg), and the powerful Siebenbürgerin (by Handelsherr).
The young equine centre flourished due to its many successes and began to appear in the public eye more frequently until, in 1977, Adam Dreßler died suddenly and unexpectedly.
Continuity and the sure hands of Christa and Wolfgang Diehm control and guide the fate of the equine centre after Adam Dreßler’s death.

International Sport at Hörstein

Together with the equine centre's manager, Dirk Jörß, who expressed a special interest in finding a select number of thoroughbreds, efforts to participate in international sports events were propelled forward.
With Starway, Konvoi and most of all with Grand Prix, the stallions from Hörstein successfully established themselves on top positions in eventing competitions. Up to his sale to the USA, Windfall, a son of Habicht, was one of the best German eventers and top performers in Germany. With Windfall, his rider Ingrid Klimke was firmly established in the ranks of Germany’s internationally successful event riders. Windfall continues his excellent performance in the USA with his new rider Darren Chiacchia.