trakehner schaufel

E.H. Cadeau

*20.04.99 (170/21,5)

Colour: brown

Breeder: Jens Skude, Skovbygaard

Approval: 2001 Neumünster, Premium Stallion and second reserve champion

Stallion performance test: Neustadt/Dosse 2002, Overall index 120.15 7/43 LK I

Elite stallion, approved for Trakehner

Stud fee: 1000 EUR, fresh semen, frozen semen,

The stallion is free from WFFS

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Already at his licensing E.H. Cadeau was a real popular figure. He convinces with beauty and charm as well as significant parts of the body, which reveal the background of the highly esteemed maternal tribe. The strong foundation is equipped with good and big joints. Especially the trot impresses with unswerving tact and accentuated mechanics in expansive expiration.

In the pedigree of E.H. Cadeau you can find the champion stallions Kostolany, E.H. Bartholdy, Zhivago and E.H. Mackensen and Reserve Champion Arogno and Best Trakehner Type Sire, E.H. Caprimond. Also, three state premium mares and the precious blood of the Mahogany and the famous Maharajah are found in the descent.

With Dorothee Schneider, Cadeau was the series winner in riding horse tests as well as in A and L dressage. At the 2003 Trakehner national tournament the brown stallion became vice champion.

Cadeau was awarded the title Elite Stallion in 2009 by the Trakehner Association for its own performance and superior breeding qualities.

In 2015, E.H. Cadeau named ‘Trakehner Stallion of the Year’.

E. H. Cadeau is currently the father of 119 registered mares. Among them are 46 state premium mares, six reserve winners and seven champion mares as well as Kalla, the reigning national winner mare.
Five of his sons have been licensed so far. The champion stallion of the Trakehner Stallion Market 2014, Sir Zanzibar, comes from an E.H. Cadeau-mother.

Many other descendants are or have been successful in tournament sport.
Among the 212 registered sport horses ten have been succesful in S dressage. Among them are the dressage horses Cote d’Azur, High Pleasure, Occacio, Irdenkreis and Kamani Hill.

E.H. Cadeau gives his offspring type, a lot of body, a good size and a solid, well-articulated foundation with. He also inherits very good basic gaits as well as a high rideability and a very calm, balanced temperament.


E.H. Cadeau is the father of the licensed stallions Occacio and Irdenkreis, both of which are successful in dressage up to the advanced level. Other licensed stallions are Midway and Montafon. At the South German licensing the stallion Seraphin of E.H. Cadeau from the Saphira of EH Lehndorff’s licensed. He is the fifth licensed son of E.H. Cadeau.

In the meantime, 119 registered mares originate from E.H. Cadeau. Among them are 46 state premium mares and seven champion mares. The national winner mare 2014, Kalla, is also a daughter of the elite stallion.

In 2018, Imperia in particular stood out. She was best of the four year old mares in Marbach.

Many E.H. Cadeau descendants go with great success in tournament sports. For example, Cote d’Azur, bred and owned by Margit Eisner. The mare won the TSF dressage horse championship under Helen Langehanenberg as well as various international dressage tests up to the heaviest class.

High Pleasure bred by Hubertus Dieckert is also internationally successful with his owner Anna Den and rider Tobias Nabben.

In 2018, also the eleven-year-old Descartes bred by Tilman Pagel and his rider Maren Benz have established themselves in the heavy class.

Also Kamani Hill, bred by Daniela Gierhardt, is successful in international dressage under his rider and owner Annika Bäumer. The gelding out of a Lehndorff’s dam is in 14th place the most successful Trakehner dressage horse with 4,244 points.

Ancelotti of E.H. Cadeau. The stallion bred by Marika Werner and owned by Maximilian Camp is among the top five Trakehners in riding horse tests for three year olds.

But also in versatility E.H. Cadeau’s offspring is succesfull. For example, Donnerstag. The mare from an E.H. Sixtus mother was bred by Ute Gabriel. In the possession of  Dr. med. Jürgen Brüssau she is successful with his daughter Emma to CIC **, was European champion of juniors with the team and third in the individual standings as well as German Junior Champion.
Descendants of E.H. Cadeau are also in the United States. The E.H. Cadeau son Tinto Retto, bred and owned by Holger Hoetzel, has already achieved successes in dressage and versatility.

E. H. Cadeau gives his type very evenly with very good size and caliber. In particular, the stallion inherits his very good interior and his high rideability and three very good gaits.