trakehner schaufel


*08.05.2014 (168 cm/16.2 hh)

colour: blackbrown

breeder: Udo Schmittberger, Schotten

stallion performance test: Neumünster 2016

stud fee: 850 EUR

- The stallion is free from WFFS

approved for Trakehner

downlod portrait & Pedigreeview offspring

Speedway got licensed at the Trakehner stallion market 2016. He originates from Schwarzgold of the state premiere and premiere mare Shahira of the E.H. Anduc and had been bred by Udo Schmittberger from Schotten.

Lars Gehrmann, breeding manager of the Trakehner association, wasn’t sparing with praise concerning Speedway’s evaluation. According to Gehrmann, the stallion by Schwarzgold is a “highly attractive type of stallion in a big line with lots of nobility and excellent posture“. The breeding manager especially emphasizes that “the stallion is capable to immediately implement this huge section of shoulder, saddle area and upper neck right from the accession of movement. Plus he is equipped with maximum shoulder room and a powerfully transmitted canter.”

Accordingly, Speedway got to be the second most expensive horse of the stallion auction with 170.000 €.

In September 2017, Speedway passed its 14-day assessment test with flying colors. Under his rider Kim Pfeiffer he also became vice champion at the Trakehner federal tournament in Hanover and collects victories and places in riding horse tests.

As the only Trakehner of his year, Speedway also took part in the Federal Championship in Warendorf.

Also in 2018, the typical Black continues to collect victories and placings. Under his rider Kim Pfeiffer, the young stallion has already won class A dressage tests, became Trakehner riding horse champion and was back at the Bundeschampionaten. There he was the only Trakehner among the four-year-old stallions.
Speedway was thus the most successful Trakehner of his year in the sports year 2018.

In early 2019, he then passed his stallion performance test-Sport in Verden brilliantly as third best. Under his rider Kim Pfeiffer he got the overall grade of 7.88 and individual marks of 8.0 and better for the canter, the rideability and the overall impression – so that the elegant five-year Black Brown has secured the entry in the stallion book I for life.

The 2019 tournament season also started well for the Hörstein stallion. With an 8.0, he won in his first level L level dressage test for young horses.

With two more wins at the Trakehner federal tournament, both in class L, Speedway underpinned his performance.

Very convincing is the first foal year from Speedway. He not only presented two winners and one reserve champion at the big foal show in Hörstein. His offspring also convinced the foal championship in Schleswig-Holstein. Winner and Reserve Champion descend from the young star. Several other foals were awarded a prize.

His father Schwarzgold was premiere stallion of the licensing 2011 and also got licensed for Oldenburg in the same year. In 2012, he qualified for the Bundeschampionat, successfully completed his 30-days-performance-test in Adelheidsdorf and got Trakehner champion of the four-year-old stallions. In addition, he got licensed in Denmark and Hannover. In the following years, the stallion was being successful in dressage up to level M, several times qualified for the Bundeschampionat, provided top foals for the auctions in Hannover and with Perpignon Noir also provided the winner stallion of the Trakehner licensing 2015, who got sold for a record price. At the Hannoveraner mare show in Luhmühlen, Schwarzgold also provided the class winner mare within the two-year-old mares.

Already at the age of ten, Schwarzgold’s father Imperio can exhibit an extraordinary career. He was the reserve winner of the licensing, Trakehner champion, vice world champion and Federal Champion. With his rider Hubertus Schmidt he is currently showing his qualities with impressing performances on international tournaments. In 2016, the successful duo has been the reserve pair at the Olympic Games.

The noble mother is member of the reserver winner family of the State Exhibiton Hesse 2014. Her mother gained the class victory and stepped up to the podium as a reserve winner. This branch of the widely spread Schwarze-Schwalbe-Family also includes Seal, who is successful on the Grand-Prix-stage and Sergant Pepper TSF who is successful in dressage up to level as well as the sires Schwadroneur, Stradivari, Sanssoucis, Showmaster, Saint Cyr and the licensing winner Songline (USA).

Due to his appearance, personal contribution and inheritance, the dam’s sire Anduc, an elite stallion, ranked among the most valuable stallions of the Trakehner bred, even if he only reached the age of 14. He proved his  outstanding rideability in dressage competitions up to level M and passed on his facilities to his countless offsprings. Best known today might be Lutz Weyland’s Mon Acteur TSF but also Induc, Harlekin, Goldglanz as well as the stallions Schiffon, Le Duc and Angard are or have been successful up to the highest dressage level. The offsprings of Anduc, Helia, Esprit and Helena, cause a sensation in the driving sport as well as Anduc’s grandchild Estephan. The jumping stallions Budweiser Classic and Balisto Z originate of a Anduc-mother as well as the eventing horses Karasada M and Karambeu M.

Anduc’s mother Angelique originates from the family of the Anemone (Igor Meyhöffer) and maintains with Ibikus and Impuls two of the most formative sires of the postwar period in her pedigree; a multiple line breeding on the big Humboldt also causes attractiveness.


We are happy about the first foals in 2019.