Two foals from Speedway and one December E.H. each. Cadeau and Millenium E.H. Cadeau win in Hörstein

List of foals



Yesterday our foal show took place this year. Due to the somewhat delayed expiration due to a rain shower, the nerves of some two- and four-legged friends were put to the test. The visitors were compensated by many high-quality foals, highly qualified assessments and the usual hospitable ambience of the stud farm. Breeding Director Lars Gehrmann, Neel-Heinrich Schoof and Matthias Werner and had taken over the task of evaluation, Erhard Schulte once more the comment. Although the daily form of the foals always plays a role, neutral factual assessments by proven experts help the breeders to improve their breeding. The demonstrations were again strongly supported by the young breeders.

It started with the filly of non-acquainted stallions. Radiant winner was a December daughter from the Verona of E.H. Cadeau. Breeder of this top foal is Manfred Gellhaar from Steinau. Also very pleased was the second placed filly, a daughter of the Kentucky from the Pr.St. Veronica von Herbstkönig bred by Katharina Heil from Wiesbaden. In third place, a daughter of Freiherr von Stein from the Ashanti of Hirtentanz made it. The breeder of this foal is Martina Junkert from Egelsbach.
This was followed by the ring of the filly of stud-owned stallions. Here, the first foals of our Speedway, as well as the last year leased Touch my Heart were expected. The impressive daughter of the Speedway from the Harameyda of Hancock bred by Hans-Manfred Lessenich from Bad Breising prevailed. Reserve Champion also became a daughter of the Speedway from Time at Time xx by Alwuhush xx. Breeder is Martina Hölzel from Babenhausen.
Before lunch, Fellini made his grand entrance. With his constant rider Sabrina Gessmann he showed himself highly concentrated and wonderfully permeable with elastic, beautiful swinging through the body movements. His rider praised the stallion in the highest tones.

After the break, the presentation of the stallions continued. Excitedly waiting for the first appearance of the young premium stallion Kwahu, who unfortunately could not take place as announced under the saddle, after his trainer Stefanie Hladik had suffered a hand injury. Kwahu knew how to present himself in the freestyle and by the hand. After the performances of the proven stallions Tarison, Couracius and E.H. Cadeau followed with the 30-year-old E.H. Sixtus another highlight. In a good mood, he once again pulled off his very own show. The freshly crowned German champion of all ages of the young breeder Lukas Weber received the great honor to capture this special stallion and to show his hand again. Afterwards Speedway made his big appearance with his trainer Kim Pfeiffer.

Then it went on with the colt of stud-owned stallions. Here, an impressive, five-week-old son of Speedway from the Keep it up by EH Benz bred by Daniela Preuß from Ennepetal won. Reserve champion was the noble son of Touch my Heart from the proven nobility of Goldschmidt bred by Martina Hölzel, which thus already on this day, the second reserve winner.

Finally, the last ring was followed by the colt of stud-free stallions. Once again a son of the great millenium from St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Ashley of E.H. Cadeau. Breeder of this top foal is Bernd Eisenmenger from Bubenheim. Reserve winner is a son of Saint Cyr from the proven Pr.St. Under the Moon by Easy Game bred by Alexandra Becker from Zellingen. This foal is a fuller of the two approved stallions Under Fire and Under and Over.

All in all, once again a successful event, some foals have already changed hands! Many thanks to the numerous helpers and congratulations to the winners and placed!